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DOP Chapter 413 – Internal Conflicts (7)

DOP Chapter 413 – Internal Conflicts (7)
Translated by: Andy
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“Kill her! Release the arrows……” The right minister’s loud voice pierced the heavens. He was ready to punish his own family for justice.

Tens of thousands archers readied their bows and arrows.

“Senior right minister, good luck.”

All of the archers yelled out in unison. This was respect. It was as if the right minister was a hero sacrificing himself to get rid of a great demon.

All of the archers were ready to fire.

“Hahaha…..” Liu Yue had been holding her laughter back. Her loud and clear laugh was heard by every single person.

The way she acted…. It looked as if she was a real witch.

Her mouth curved upwards and looked at everyone, “You want to kill me? Fine. I’m waiting.

But, I heard that Ao Yun’s crowned prince Du Gu Ye wants me. If I die here, then he won’t get me. I don’t know if he’ll get mad and destroy Tianchen immediately.

Aiya. How is this going to turn out for the right minister? He’ll turn from Tianchen’s savior to Tianchen’s biggest sinner.”

Liu Yue continuously laughed and looked around. Her bewitching looks caught the attention of everyone.

When she finished talking, everyone was startled.


That’s right…. Ao Yun’s crowned prince is here to steal Liu Yue away…. If Liu Yue dies, then…..

All of a sudden, everyone hesitated. Even the righteous right minister was startled by these words.

He was thinking that as long as he takes care of Liu Yue, Xuan Yuan Che will return to normal, however, he forgot that…….

Liu Yue was standing there shaking her head. She retracted the dagger away from the right minister’s neck, “This time, I’ll just you go because I’m giving face to Xuan Yuan Che. If there’s a next time, even if god himself comes, you’ll die.”

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  1. TwoWhiteShirts says:

    Thanks again Andy~~~~~
    Woah didn’t expect that come back. But really that right minister is crazy. Can’t he realise that if Che is willing to abandon his country for Yue, he will bring bloodshed to all those who harmed her? Sigh

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