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DOP Chapter 412 – Internal Conflicts (6)

DOP Chapter 412 – Internal Conflicts (6)
Translated by: Andy
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And he tried to do it so fiercely, without hesitating at all.

Laughable. It’s too laughable.

She had a calm look on her face but her eyes started to turn red already. What did she do wrong?

“How have I offended you?” Her cold voice yelled out. It was an extremely cold and desolate sound.

No one can tell how Liu Yue was feeling from her voice. It had never sounded so cold before.

The right minister’s face was filled with emotions. The light shone on his face, clearly revealing his thoughts. His eyes were bloodshot. He had a fierce and horrifying look on his face. It looked nothing like the face he put on when Liu Yue first returned. He didn’t have the loving look on his face. It was a look that showed hate and detest.

Looking at the right minster’s face, Liu Yue understood everything clearly.

Maybe it was wrong for her to ask that. She shouldn’t have asked.

She knew the answer already. Yes. The answer was very clear.

Shaking his head, the right minister stared at her, “It’s all because of you. If it wasn’t for you, my Tianchen won’t end up like this. My King of Yi wouldn’t try to abandon the empire. You witch! You should die! I…..”

He was extremely angry. His loud words filled the entire area.

This made Liu Yue’s heart sank.

The other countries didn’t even attack yet and Tianchen is already like this?

“Murong Liu Yue, today, this minister will die with you! I will drag you down to hell with me. If Che-er doesn’t make a move, then I will. For Tianchen, my death will not be in vain!”

He was resoluted to kill Liu Yue. His resounding words shook everyone’s hearts.

The right minister did not regret doing this. As long as his Tianchen survives, then his death will be honored and glorified.

Murong Liu Yue is the witch who will destroy the empire. By dying with her, he will die a glorified death and prevent the destruction of Tianchen. He will have done a meticulous deed for Tianchen.

Liu Yue’s heart tightened.

Liu Yue wanted to laugh and wanted to ridicule him. However, she stood there and looked at the person in front of her with pain.

In the end, she couldn’t do it.

Is this grief or is this pity? She doesn’t even know anymore.

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