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DOP Chapter 411 – Internal Conflicts (5)

DOP Chapter 411 – Internal Conflicts (5)
Translated by: Andy
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When the right minister saw this, he quickly changed the angle of his attack and stabbed downwards. He was acting very fierce. He looked nothing like a scholarly court official at all.

Liu Yue kicked upwards with one leg and did a 360 degree flip in mid air.

Her movements were so quick that people could barely follow her with their eyes.

In such a short amount of time, Liu Yue was able to avoid all the attacks and land properly. She moved very quickly and held her poisonous dagger up against the right minister’s neck.

The night was quiet. A murderous intent filled the entire place.

She looked down at her robe. There was a large cut on the robe. If she was even a step too slow, she might be seeing King Yama* already.

*King of Hell

“Master.” Du Yi quickly ran over as quick as possible. He almost……

“Kill her quickly. Quick!” The right minister who had a dagger held up against his neck suddenly called out.

He wasn’t afraid of death. He was determined to kill Liu Yue.

From the shadows, countless amount of archers appeared in every single direction, aiming their bows at Liu Yue.

The black clothed men who were fighting with the bodyguards quickly moved into their positions within the guards.

Liu Yue and the right minister were both standing there as the target of a thousand archers. Du Yi was moving closer very quickly.

“Quick! Shoot! Shoot…..” The right minister continued to yell with resolute.

While tightly holding the dagger, Liu Yue’s expression turned very cold.

So they were together…… It’s not that someone wants to make a move on the right minister. It was the right minister who wants to make a move on her. He used himself as bait in order to kill her.

Haha. How funny. She actually tried to save the person who tried to kill her.

Xuan Yuan Che’s grandpa wants to kill her. He wants to kill his own granddaughter in law.

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  1. iloveslimes says:

    These two sentences doesn’t make sense. I thought the right minister is Liu yue’s grandfather.
    Xuan Yuan Che’s grandpa wants to kill her. He wants to kill his own granddaughter in law.

    • Tamago Kake Gohan says:

      I think they (Xuan Yuan Che and Murong Liu Yue) is cousins?

      I don’t know, i forgot the relationship between the murong family and the right minister other than that the murong family is on the Right Minister side in the conflict betweeb the right and left minister

  2. TwoWhiteShirts says:

    Thanks Andy!
    I think if it were Liu Yue’s grandpa it would have been specified.
    Maybe this grandpa is a grand uncle or something of the sort.

  3. Mish says:

    right minister is the father of the current empress (Xuan Yuan Che’s mother) while Liu Yue’s grandfather holds the military power of the right faction.

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