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DOP Chapter 410 – Internal Conflicts (4)

DOP Chapter 410 – Internal Conflicts (4)
Translated by: Andy
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“Be careful. They have poison on their weapons.” The right minister showed a cold and sharp look on his face, an expression completely different from the fearful look that he had on his face just a while ago.

It was just for a quick moment. So quick that no one saw it.

“I know. Just stand behind me.” Liui Yue didn’t even look back. She grabbed the right minister’s arm and moved away with him. Her other hand, weilding her dagger, paved the path for escape. Nobody could block her at all.

Liu Yue could easily kill these normal assassins.

The right minister who was being pulled by Liu Yue quickly followed up as well.

He was a old man already and was somewhat injured. His body was swaying and could not catch up with Liu Yue at all. The right minister tripped and flew towards a blade.

Liu Yue saw his and immediately blocked the blade from striking the right minister. At the same time, she pulled the right minister towards herself.

At this moment, her chest was left wide opened.

She exerted her strength and pulled the right minister right into herself.

At the same time, a sharp and poisonous dagger slipped out from the right minister’s sleeve.

The right minister moved quickly and grabbed the dagger. He stabbed towards Liu Yue’s chest with lightning fast movements. He was nothing like the feeble and weak old man like he was before.

Liu Yue was pulling the right minister with one hand and resisting the long blade with the other. Her hands were being used and could not resist the attack at all. She didn’t think that the person that she was trying to save would make a move against her.

The dagger pierced through the air and was approaching Liu Yue quickly. If the black dagger reaches her skin, she will be finished!

Everyone stopped moving and looked towards Liu Yue’s direction.

They saw that as the dagger was about to pierce Liu Yue’s chest, Liu Yue suddenly moved. In less than a second, her entire body bent ninety degrees backwards.

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  1. 28th00 says:

    The mistake they made here was thinking that she was a normal human… She’s a slinky ya know? Have to be really flexible to get in all the positions to take over for every possible concubine that could exist for her Che, ya know? Why intimidate when you can seduce to the highest degree?

  2. TwoWhiteShirts says:

    omg omg I knew it!!!!! *Matrix in slow motion*
    I wonder if Yue will use her wind blade technique here?
    since all of them are enemies anyway lets just massacre everything in the way
    Thanks so much Andy God bless you

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