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DOP Chapter 409 – Internal Conflicts (3)

DOP Chapter 409 – Internal Conflicts (3)
Translated by: Andy
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Today, no matter what, you have to send her away.

When the day comes that my Tianchen becomes stronger, then you can bring her back, marry her and make her the empress. I won’t object then. But right now, you have to send her away. This wedding is cancelled!”

Xuan Yuan Yi yelled very loudly in a panicky voice.

Both of Xuan Yuan Che’s eyes became red. He wasn’t made. He coldly looked at the the panicking Xuan Yuan Yi, “If Tianchen dares to hand over Liu Yue in order to survive, then I’d rather destroy Tianchen myself.”

These words were cold and decisive. It made Xuan Yuan Yi break out into a cold sweat. All the hair on his back stood straight up.

Outside, the sharp sound of wind blew by.

The wind lightly rattled on the windows of the room. The night was very quiet. It was very dark.

As Xuan Yuan Che talked with Xuan Yuan Yi in the palace, Liu Yue had already reached the right minister’s estate.

The sound of swords clashing against each other could be hear. There were killing intent hidden all over the place.

So someone really is trying to make a move on the right minister!

Shit. Did they want to kidnap the right minister and force Xuan Yuan Che to agree? Even though Xuan Yuan Che was raised in the palace, the closest person to him besides Liu Yue was his grandpa, the right minister!

Liu Yue retrieved a dagger from her sleeves and flew into the encirclement of dark clothed assassins. She quickly moved towards the right minister.

“Follow me.” With her dagger, she attacked one of the assassins.

Behind her, Du Yi was flying over as well, moving towards the assassins who were attacking the right minister’s family.

“Liu Yue.” When the right minister saw Liu Yue, he was extremely happy. He quickly ran from his bodyguard’s side towards her.

Every time her dagger moved, it killed someone.

Liu Yue looked at the numerous amounts of assassins in front of her and asked, “Who are they?”

“I don’t know.” The right minister shook his head and got closer to Liu Yue. It seems as if he was scared by the black clothed assassins.

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  1. SchoolSlacker says:

    Now I am thinking the right minister wants to kill her for Xuan Yuan Che.
    Just they way he runs towards her when she came and also the fact that they didn’t mention any death before she got there. But you never really know until it happens. xD

  2. 28th00 says:

    This better not be no elaborate plot to trick Liu Yue so the minister can get close and take her out… These tiny chapters make cliffhangers possible in ANY SITUATION!

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