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DOP Chapter 407 – Internal Conflicts (1)

DOP Chapter 407 – Internal Conflicts (1)
Translated by: Andy
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A serious look appeared in Liu Yue’s eyes as she let out a cold laugh. She quickly put on the silver gloves that she always had with her and grabbed the poisonous arrows coming at her.

At the same time, her figured flickered as she jumped off of the carriage.

The arrows hit nothing but air and scattered all around.

Liu Yue’s silver white hands were able to endure the attacks of the arrows to open up a path for escape.

At the same time, Du Yi used his horsewhip like a sword and cut down the arrows that were flying towards him.

Liu Yue’s hand tightened. She snapped the arrows in half and threw it onto the ground. If they thought they could kill her like this, then they must be dreaming!

She moved very quickly in the darkness while evading all the obstacles in front of her. She had the entire area covered.

She wants to see the daring person that dared to attack her.

The masked person was holding his steel bow in the darkness.

He felt a murderous intent coming towards him.

When he felt that Liu Yue was getting closer, he decided to retreat instead of attack. He flew right into the darkness.

Liu Yue furrowed her brows. This was the person they sent to kill me?

How come this guy is so useless? To run without even a fight?

When she was thinking about this, she felt a murderous intent coming in front of her. The sound of many swords could be heard by her.

Liu Yue immediately stopped. The area in front of her was the right minister’s estate….. That masked person couldn’t beat her so he ran immediately…. Could it be that killing her wasn’t the plan? Did they want to hinder her movements? But…..

“Let’s go.” Liu Yue ran towards the right minister’s estate. Du Yi followed up quickly behind her.

Was someone trying to attack the right minister tonight?

To try and attack Xuan Yuan Che’s grandpa…. That’s simply too daring!

Darkness filled the night sky. The autumn wind was blowing hard followed by a slight smell of rain.

As Liu Yue sped towards the right minister’s estate, in the palace, Xuan Yuan Che was going up against Xuan Yuan Yi.

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  1. togekissed says:

    I’m guessing that the emperor and the officials turned on Liu Yue and XYC lol……they’re seriously going to regret that.

    Thank you for the chapter!!!

  2. sayume says:

    It’s actually understandable. Che needs to address the topic to reassure the people he has it under control rather than stay silent about it; else, how are people supposed to know they can trust you? If I were him, I’d try to come up with a fake plan for the public to know while hiding my real one.

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