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DOP Chapter 406 – The Peerless Beauty (13)

DOP Chapter 406 – The Peerless Beauty (13)
Translated by: Andy
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He hasn’t been in Tianchen for three years. Who knows what kind of spies had infiltrated his empire. If his plans get leaked out, then he would have wasted all of his hard work.

In the midst of this, Liu Yue was calm. She was calmly waiting for her marriage.

Du Yi had reported back to her once in awhile. From what she gathered, she can tell that Xuan Yuan Che wasn’t afraid of them coming at all. He was afraid that they won’t come.

Unlike Xuan Yuan Che and Liu Yue who were calm, the court officials and ministers were all very nervous. Five empires were attacking them at the same time. Their Tianchen is doomed.

Rumors were spreading like wildfire on the streets.

Everyone was going crazy.

The night fell. Liu Yue was riding in a small carriage towards the right minister’s residence.

The right minister set up a small feast to entertain their daughter and granddaughter in law. Liu Yue didn’t have a reason to not go.

The color of the night sky was bewitching. The autumn wind blew lightly. The breeze felt very relaxing.

Liu Yue leaned against the insides of the carriage and thought about the things that she had to be careful of during the wedding. There were too many things to look out for, it was giving her a headache.

The night was silent. It had become silent very early.

One by one, people disappeared off the streets into their homes. The night was becoming empty.

Liu Yue was still thinking of a plan until her eyes unconsciously looked around. There was not a single soul in sight.

She furrowed her brows immediately. Something’s not right.

The sun had just set. There’s no way that the streets can be this empty so quickly. Something’s wrong.

“Master. Something is wrong.” At the same time, Du Yi stopped the carriage.

Before he finished talking, a sweet fragrance appeared out of nowhere.

It was very weak and pure. The fragrance was nearly impossible to detect.

However, this was Liu Yue.

Liu Yue took a small whiff and her face sank.

Ruthless…. This was the strongest poison among the five deadly poisons. It can kill without anyone even knowing.

“Go!” Liu Yue opened up the curtains to her carriage and rushed out.

The moment she left the carriage, countless arrows flew towards her direction.

They were flying towards her from every single direction. There were no blind spots at all.

The arrows flew fiercely and swiftly.

The cold and eerie arrows pierced the night skies. A dark gloomy aura extruded from the arrow.

Fugu Poison. A poison that can kill immediately once it strikes….

Somebody wants her dead.

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  1. Tamago Kake Gohan says:

    A momemnt of silence for those who are too weak to handle the pressure and want to kill her instead and those assassins they send to kill her.

    No need to be silent for them too long, they don’t deserve it.

    Half a second is enough.

    Thanks for the chapter~ waiting for the other sponsored one

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