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DOP Chapter 405 – The Peerless Beauty (12)

DOP Chapter 405 – The Peerless Beauty (12)
Translated by: Andy
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Xuan Yuan Che was quite busy for the past few days. He wasn’t busy thinking about how he should deal with this problem in front of him, but instead, he was something even deeper. Who said that an empire will have to fall if it is besieged? He wants to use this opportunity to rise abruptly in the seven empires.

Ao Yun is currently the strongest empire…. Hmph… We’ll see who’s the strongest in the end!

Liu Yue saw the sly smile on Xuan Yuan Che’s face and knew that he had a plan so she laughed as well. All the unhappy thoughts that she had completely disappeared, “Alright!”

They grasped onto each other’s hands. They were endure through this hardship together.

They walked out of the restaurant together.

“Mister, look.” On the streets, a girl saw Liu Yue walking out of the restaurant into the carriage and immediately yelled out.

Besides her, a handsome and elegant white clothed male smiled and replied, “What’s there to…..?”

Before he could even finish his sentence, his eyes fell on Liu Yue and his smile quickly turned into a shocked expression.

The carriage left quickly. Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che had both left.

“Mister, she……she…..” A young boy besides the white clothed male was pointing at the carriage with shock.

The white clothed male closed his folding fan and smiled.

After traveling across many countries on a long a difficult road to see what was going on with Tianchen, he didn’t expect something like this waiting for him here.

This…. This will be fun.

The streets were bustling and was crowded with people.

The big wedding day was approaching.

The people in the palace were very busy. There were many people who were starting to go against the decision. Hundreds of ministers have sent countless amounts of petitions to the palace but were all yelled at by Xuan Yuan Che in the end.

On the borders, the few hundred thousand troops from the five empires were getting closer and closer.

A sinister mood flew alongside the wind straight towards Tianchen.

The entire Tianchen Empire was afraid.

On the borders, the troops from the five empires were getting closer and closer. Du Gu Ye and the people from the Nansong empire were very close to Tianchen as well.

The timing was perfect.

In the midst of this, Xuan Yuan Che was carefully planning out everything as well.

He didn’t say anything to anyone. He didn’t say anything at the assemblies. Even Xuan Yuan Yi doesn’t know what he has planned.

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    thanks for the chapter~
    will this be a prosperous blood red wedding with blood red flowers made from enemies adorning the kingdom’s walls?

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