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DOP Chapter 400 – The Peerless Beauty (7)

DOP Chapter 400 – The Peerless Beauty (7)
Translated by: Andy
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“What are you talking about? Without the little princess, how can our Tianchen be what it is today? Go back and do your work.” A old voice yelled out.”

Witch? She’s a witch?

Liu Yue couldn’t even be angry at what they were saying.

She rubbed her forehead to calm herself down.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she risked her life to save Xuan Yuan Che that day. If it wasn’t for the fact that she stayed at the borders for three years, not allowing the Chen and Zhao Empire to advance towards Tianchen…. How can Tianchen be what it is today? How can they be living in Tianchen today?

Now, they’re all calling her a witch. An ordinary palace maid was calling her a witch!

“Child. Don’t be angry. Don’t mind it. Mother will take care of this and will give you an explanation.” Empress Chen’s expression turned very ugly as well.

“I’ll go rest first.” Liu Yue calmed herself down. She took off her wedding dress and left very quickly.

If she didn’t leave, she’s afraid that she’ll kill that palace maid.

She was trying to leave so quickly that she almost bumped into the approaching Du Yi and Qiu Hen.

“Princess, what’s going on?” Qiu Hen saw that Liu Yue had an ugly expression on her face and asked.

She suppressed her anger and replied, “I’m leaving. Going to walk around.” While saying that, she ran towards the exit of the palace.

She’s been keeping an eye on Xuan Yuan Che and the movements of the other empires. She knew that there were people talking behind her back but she didn’t think that it would be so excessive.

There was a rumor amongst the people that Du Gu Ye started the war just because he wanted to take her away from Xuan Yuan Che. What the hell…..

Seeing how Liu Yue was going out to walk around with such a murderous intent, Du Yi didn’t say anything and followed her. Qiu Hen saw this and abandoned all his plans to follow them.

Their princess had a murderous aura around her. There’s a problem.

White Marsh House, the most famous restaurant in the capital.

The entire restaurant was filled with distinguished people. It was very noisy as well.

“The guards at the border is about to set off the flares. My God. Five empires will be attacking our Tianchen…. We’re done for…..”

“Shush. Don’t speak nonsense.”

“Nonsense? What nonsense? Everyone knows that our Tianchen will be destroyed soon.”

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  1. eunieberry says:

    Sigh…they’re all ungreatul!!! Tsk. I really wish for those five kingdoms to tell everyone in tianchen how much MLY is worth every blood shed there is and that FCY is not stupid to cast aside such woman. ? Thanks for the update!!!!!!

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