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DOP Chapter 399 – The Peerless Beauty (6)

DOP Chapter 399 – The Peerless Beauty (6)
Translated by: Andy
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Empress Chen was the only one that didn’t say anything.

Her clear eyes were filled with deep emotions. This was a mother’s love.

“Why didn’t you oppose it?” Even in the midst of the emotional moment, Liu Yue still had some doubts.

Empress Chen sat down next to Liu Yue and smiled, “This is because Che-er is my own flesh and blood. As long as he’s happy and healthy, I’m happy too.”

She rubbed Liu Yue’s hands and sighed, “The customs are ruthless. A good wife like you is hard to come by. Also, it was rare for Che-er to have such sincere feelings towards someone. As a mother, I should be happy for you two.

Child. There are many imperial concubines in the imperial harem. It is a dog eat dog environment out here. Everyone is trying to scheme against each other.

Mother doesn’t want this beautiful relationship that you guys have to be ruined in this kind of environment. Since Che-er is determined to have only one wife, I will definitely support him until the end. No matter how big the storm is, as long as you two are together, you will definitely be able to create a path.”

These warm words from Empress Chen filled Liu Yue with emotions. She nodded and grabbed onto Empress Chen’s hand.

This small nod from Liu Yue meant a thousand words.

Empress Chen smiled back and continued to rub Liu Yue’s head.

At that moment, the two of them didn’t say anything. They sat there in silent. A warm feeling could be felt in the room.

“Hey did you hear? Five of the empires will attack our Tianchen soon.” In the midst of silence, one of the palace maid’s voice could be heard.

“How can I not hear about it? I heard that some people near the borders have ran away already. It’s all that witch’s fault!”

“Right?! If it wasn’t for that witch, how can our Tianchen end up like this? With five empires all attacking, Tianchen will definitely be destroyed. At that time, we’ll be subjugated slaves!”

“Yeah. Let me tell you this. I heard this from the second prince. On the surface, that Ao Yun crowned prince is trying to marry away his sister. However, in reality, he fell for that witch too. This time, he allied with the four other empires just to get his hands on that witch!”

Our prince is definitely seduced by that witch. How can someone be that heads over heels for her? He refused to give her up and announced that he won’t marry anyone else. He angered the Ao Yun crowned prince so that’s why…..”

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  1. Busybee says:

    Thanks Andy for the chapter. Wonder what LY has in her sleeves to overcome the 5 empires attacking them. Can’t wait for more blood shed to occur.

  2. togekissed says:

    LMAO those maids are going to wish they never said a thing. And ugh, I just want to know what’s going to happen to Liu Yue, since I just know that Du Gu Ye has something up his sleeve.

    Thank you for the chapter !!!

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