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DOP Chapter 398 – The Peerless Beauty (5)

DOP Chapter 398 – The Peerless Beauty (5)
Translated by: Andy
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In Tianchen, troops were dispatched to the three border stations. The atmosphere was very stern. Everyone was ready for battle.

All the powers under the heaven were gathering towards Tianchen.

All except for the quiet Hou Jin Empire. However, Hou Jin made it clear that they were going to be bystanders. They hated the Snow Saint empire but didn’t make a move at all.

Even Xuan Yuan Che who continuously called this a bluff started to dispatch troops towards the border stations.

Since he thought it was a bluff, then why would he dispatch troops? Could it mean that…..

Liu Yue doesn’t know anything about the art of war. All she knew was that the other empires had allied with each other all of a sudden. Well, she didn’t care about this at all. All she cares about is Xuan Yuan Che’s safety.

But the chaotic news that she received for the past few days made her very anxious. It made her worry. She had a bad feeling about this.

“Yue-er, what’s wrong?” Empress Chen knitted her brows and asked as she helped Liu Yue tighten her belt.

Liu Yue returned to her senses and simply replied, “Nothing.”

Empress Chen looked deeply at Liu Yue and smiled, “This wedding attire is very beautiful. In ten days, my Liu Yue will definitely be the most beautiful princess!”

“Mother.” Liu Yue felt Empress Chen’s warmth and called out.

When Empress Chen heard this, she slowly stroked Liu Yue’s head and softly replied, “Don’t think about it too much. Che-er said he can handle it. He can do it if he says so. Our Tianchen isn’t easily bullied you know.”

Liu Yue looked up at Empress Chen.

When Xuan Yuan Che announced that he was only going to marry Liu Yue in his life, Empress Chen didn’t say anything or make any faces at the statement. Instead, she supported and accepted her son’s decision.”

She knew that there was almost a million troops on their way to Tianchen. The atmosphere in the palace was very heavy. When people saw her, they would take a detour and walk the other way.

This was all because Xuan Yuan Che said that he’ll only marry Liu Yue. This was all because Liu Yue said that she was stingy and didn’t want her husband to have another wife. Thus, a lot of people believed that it was Liu Yue that put Tianchen in this situation. She never heard them complain about anything but she knows that they do.

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  1. Rikka says:

    Ty for the chapter~
    been so few updates lately from other novels D: so it is nice with a double update on this one!

  2. TwoWhiteShirts says:

    Woah another chapter! Thanks Andy!!
    And damn, Liu Yue is strong those fools don’t get it at all. Why would all the countries head towards them just because the prince won’t marry? Obviously it’s because they think of Tian Chen as a threat! More like Che and Yue together is a big threat.

  3. togekissed says:

    Thank you for the chapter !!

    I think she will somehow get kidnapped…….idk I just have a bad feeling something will happen to her, even though I know she can handle anything that comes her way lol. If she does get kidnapped, though, there will be hell to pay hehe.

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