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DOP Chapter 397 – The Peerless Beauty (4)

DOP Chapter 397 – The Peerless Beauty (4)
Translated by: Andy
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Days fly by…..

Liu Yue never went to ask Xuan Yuan Che if he needed any help. Right now, she can’t help with anything anyways. Her Blood Shadow Corps were assassins, not fighters.

As long as they know where someone is, they will be able to assassinate them.

However, Du Gu Ye knew about the Blood Shadow Corps and have hid himself very well. Even if they want to kill him, they can’t.

As for fighting a war, Liu Yue didn’t know anything about it so sheh can’t help out.

However, Du Gu Ye has to come out of hiding some day. She has all the time in the world. She can easily wait.

Every time Du Yi reports back to her, she feels more and more anxious.

Yun Zhao who was only ten miles away from Tianchen were moving very slowly. They walked for a bit and then stopped for a bit. This had gone on for many days already. It’s been a month already and they still haven’t finished the ten miles.

Being him, the few hundred thousand troops from Snow Saint were moving at an astonishing rate. It only took them a month to cross the Zhao Empire. They were getting closer and closer to Tianchen.

She sent someone to keep an eye on Yun Zhao but Yun Zhao didn’t do anything at all. He was leisurely spending his time, doing nothing at all.

During this month, the few hundred thousand troops from Ao Yun, that they all thought was a bluff, really did cross the Chen Empire and was getting closer and closer to Tianchen.

However, Du Gu Ye was still nowhere to be seen.

There was very little news regarding Du Gu Ye and Qing Lian. Around ten days ago, it is said that they crossed the borders of Tianchen. They were moving very slowly as well.

Their traces were very hard to track.

At the same time, the Nanson Empire’s ten thousand army moved slowly towards the Tianchen empire.

The three empires were closing in.

When the three empires closed in, the Zhao empire and Chen empire began to move as well.

They weren’t saying that they were going to marry their princesses. They didn’t say that they wanted to go to war with Tianchen either.

All they said was that the two empire’s emperors want to come to Tianchen to have a friendly chat. They had some troops to guard the king just in case.

By some troops, they meant two hundred thousand troops.

The troops from the two countries that were stationed at the borders began to move as well.

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  1. Leafyeyes417 says:

    -_- that guy really needs to die. No, make it both of them. Du Gu Ye and Yang Zhen. *sigh* I wonder how long it will be until it happens…

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. hikari says:

    Thank you..i guess i should wait until you finish upload chapter 407 then read, so that i wont feel its too short.

  3. togekissed says:

    FWJLLFKLKF Du Gu Ye and Yun Zhao are so annoying omg…..they’re doing all of this just to break the OTP up like ????? I mean, I guess I understand since our princess IS absolutely spectacular and a wonderful assent to any empire.

    Thank you for the chapter!!

  4. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    based on the title of this arc, it seems that they wanted an excuse to get Liu Yue but would realize that killing Xuan Yuan Che would bring them a calamity.

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