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DOP Chapter 396 – The Peerless Beauty (3)

DOP Chapter 396 – The Peerless Beauty (3)
Translated by: Andy
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“Can’t tell.” Du Yi did not give a definitive answer.

Liu Yue furrowed her brows, she lightly tapped her fingers on the files that Du Yi brought over.

“That Du Gu Ye is so despicable. Using the army to threaten our prince to marry their princess, all to break apart the prince and the little princess consort. Who in the right mind would do something like this?

Hmph. Do they think that our Tianchen can be easily bullied? Do they think that our prince is a coward? Bullshit!” Yan Hu was filled with murderous intent.

When Xuan Yuan Che openly stated that he was going to only marry Liu Yue, everyone was present. For Du Gu Ye to do something like this, it was obvious that he was trying to break the two apart.

With their little princess’ temper, if their prince really does marry some other princess, then the world may come to an end. That will also be when their prince loses the little princess forever.”

“This is not all.” Liu Yue shook her head.

Using a forced marriage to break up Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che? That’s wishful thinking!

If they really do come, she’ll just have to kill them all. What can they do? Ao Yun and Snow Saint were both far away. Nansong was nothing to be afraid of.

For Du Gu Ye to make such a move, he didn’t want to simply have Xuan Yuan Che marry their princesses. He was using an underhand method to break Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che apart.

The marriage proposal was just a facade. Du Gu Ye must have some other plans after deploying the army.

What exactly is he trying to do?

Could they really be trying to gang up on Tianchen? Liu Yue furrowed her brows again.

“Little princess. Don’t worry. The prince said that he’ll only have you. He doesn’t care about anything else. As for all these troops, the prince said that he’ll take care of everything. Du Gu Ye is most likely bluffing. There’s nothing to worry about. The prince said that he wants you to sleep tight.”

Qiu Hen relayed Xuan Yuan Che’s words and then immediately turned around and left.

Yan Hu followed right behind him.

The house quiet down. Only Liu Yue and Du Yi were left.

Liu Yue tapped her fingers on the table and looked outside. The night was very dark. It was the darkest that she’s ever seen. There was not a single star in the sky.
This dark night gave her an anxious feeling.

What does Du Gu Ye want to do?

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  1. Kittybear says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    Also, if Che really does marry another princess, which I doubt will happen, he won’t just lose his little princess. He’s going to also lose his life…Don’t piss of the princess.

  2. eunieberry says:

    Indeed what does DGY wanted to do…fufufu…of course we all know both DGY and th snow wait country wants to marry MLY? They want her so bad….and she’s not even aware that she’s the real goal of the whole let’s get FCY marry some other princess…is Just some baseless plot. And their real goal is her. ???? between thanks for the update!! ?

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