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DOP Chapter 395 – The Peerless Beauty (2)

DOP Chapter 395 – The Peerless Beauty (2)
Translated by: Andy
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However, Xuan Yuan Che’s words reminded them of something.

Snow Saint, Ao Yun and Nansong….

Only the Nansong Empire borders their Tianchen. If the other two wants to fight, they must cross the Zhao Empire and the Chen Empire.

To fight across borders….. This isn’t something that can be done so suddenly. They needed sufficient funds for it.

Provisions, weapons, and soldiers didn’t fall from the sky. They needed to gather everything together. The few hundred thousand troops and horses can’t just fly over all of a sudden either.

They needed a refined plan for something like this to work. They can’t fight just because they want to.

All of the people in the hall were high officials and ministers of the third rank or higher. They can’t be stupid if they were able to reach this position.

They finally understood what Xuan Yuan Che mean by bluff.

“But what if……” Xuan Yuan Yi rubbed his head. He was still a bit worried. The three empires have started to move already. Could they really be bluffing?

This is all so they can marry one of their princesses to Xuan Yuan Che. Why is there a need to bluff? Maybe they really did want to fight and the marriage was just an excuse.

“There’s no what ifs.” Xuan Yuan Che turned around and looked at Xuan Yuan Yi.

He then turned back to face everyone else, “I will take care of this matter. Relay my orders to the four generals at the borders. Organize their armies and be on guard. Prepare for battle at any given moment.

Generals, come out to have a discussion with me. As for the rest of you, the assembly is adjourned.”

Xuan Yuan Che spoke with authority. His subjects all listened and replied with a, “Yes, your highness.”

All of the ministers and officials bowed and left.

They were all captured by Xuan Yuan Che’s words and forgot that their king was still silently there.

After telling everyone else to leave, Xuan Yuan Che bowed to his father and brought the generals to the imperial study.

Xuan Yuan Yi sat on his throne and watched Xuan Yuan Che. His brows were still furrowed.

Outside of the Palace Hall, the sweet, warm autumn wind blew.

“What? Snow Saint, Ao Yun and Nansong all want to attack Tianchen?” Liu Yue was sitting there relaxing by herself. When she heard Du Yi’s message, she couldn’t help but furrow her brows.

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