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DOP Chapter 391 – Convergence from all directions (10)

DOP Chapter 391 – Convergence from all directions (10)
Translated by: Andy
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2/5 (10)

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“Fine. Fine. Do what you want. As long as you can deal with it.” Xuan Yuan Yi threw his hands up as if he had given up. Maybe he should give Tianchen to Xuan Yuan Che already. It’s only a matter of time.

“Your son won’t put Tianchen in danger at all. Father can be at ease.” Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Che’s cold expression lightened up and replied.

Turning around, he walked out of the Tianchen Palace. ‘Yun Zhao…ah Yun Zhao…. Do you really think you can do whatever you want just because your Snow Saint Empire is a bit stronger?’

The autumn wind blew as it caused ripples through the water.

Scent of autumn cassias and flowers drifted along the wind.

In the Imperial Garden, the osmanthus flowers and lotuses bloomed brilliantly. In the lotus pond, many Koi fishes were swimming.

Within this beautiful scene, Liu Yue was sitting on the bridge, fishing.

The Koi fish in the pond were all raised to be observed by others. When Liu Yue remembered that these were one of the emperor’s favorite things, she immediately got a fishing rod and ran here to fish. Many eunuchs and maids passed by but none of them said anything.

“Master.” Du Yi slowly and quietly moved towards Liu Yue and whispered something into her ears.

Xuan Yuan Che made his move already.

“Oh.” while listening to Du Yi, Liu Yue smiled and raised her fishing rod. A big, fat, Koi fish was raised out of the water. It was jumping around in mid air.

“You can’t eat someone else’s food. You might die from it.” Liu Yue grabbed the Koi and smiled sinisterly.

She sent a few hand gestures towards Du Yi. After seeing this, Du Yi bowed and left.

She doesn’t blame Xuan Yuan Yi and Empress Chen at all. After all, they all have their own views.

In the ancients, powerful men had many concubines. In order to rope in other powers, families would connect with each other by marriage. This was very common. No one would think that it’s weird. It’s only one more woman in his bed, what’s wrong with that? However, Liu Yue didn’t like it. She had expressed her intentions clearly.

“Princess of Yi, the Empress invites you to discuss the matter of the wedding attire.”

“Alright.” She answered very directly and walked away with her fishing rod. This Koi fish that she caught doesn’t look bad at all. It seems like she’ll be cooking it with the empress.

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  1. TwoWhiteShirts says:

    Thanks for the double release! ?
    Liu Yue is so funny And I’m excited to know what exactly she means. Eating someone’s stuff could kill? Perhaps it’s about having only one husband? She’ll make her intentions to kill anyone interested in Che perhaps.

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