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DOP Chapter 390 – Convergence from all directions (9)

DOP Chapter 390 – Convergence from all directions (9)
Translated by: Andy
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“Che-er. Father is thinking about you…..The Snow Saint Empire…..”

“Father. Don’t do anything more regarding this matter. I will deal with it. It’d be best if father doesn’t meddle with my affairs. You should know Yue-er’s personality.” Xuan Yuan Che had a cold look in his eyes.

After hearing Xuan Yuan Che bring up Liu Yue, Xuan Yuan Yi couldn’t help but furrow his brows. He knew how dangerous and incredible Liu Yue was.

“Father knows how incredible she is. Even if the seventh princess arrives, she won’t be able to bully Liu Yue. You don’t have to be worried.”

He extended his hand to stop Xuan Yuan Che from replying, “Che-er, you have to remember that Tianchen will belong to you sooner or later. You have to think about this as the ruler of the empire.

Father doesn’t care about how much you dote Liu Yue. She deserves to be doted and loved. You can love her more than anyone else. Heck, you can love her only. It doesn’t matter. But in our situation, you have to connect with the Snow Saint Empire by marriage. Our Tianchen cannot afford to offend Snow Saint.

I know that Yue-er cares for you. After you marry the seventh princess, as long as Yue-er can keep it clean, I won’t say anything even if Yue-er kills her. Che-er you understand me right? I know how you are. You are destined to dominate the entire continent. You can’t fall at the starting point now can you?”

Looking at Xuan Yuan Che, Xuan Yuan Yi spoke slowly. One needs patient to dominate the world. World domination isn’t done in a single day. It needs to be done step by step.

Right now, Tianchen doesn’t have the power to fight against the Snow Saint Empire. To give up the entire empire for his own son’s interests…. This wasn’t something a good emperor would do.

“I won’t fall. Since I dare to refuse the marriage, I’m telling you that I have the ability to fight against the Snow Saint Empire. Father, Tianchen isn’t soft either. We can’t let others mess with us whenever they want.”

Xuan Yuan Che looked at his father with a decisive look. This look contained arrogant confidence.

Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Yi stared at Xuan Yuan Che and didn’t reply.

This was his son. He knows what kind of personality he has. Ah…. Maybe he’s getting old already. So old that he can’t think straight anymore….

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    Woot thanks so much for that super long chapter!
    And so glad Che is treating Liu Yue so well. Really hard to find someone devoted like that ?

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