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DOP Chapter 388 – Convergence from all directions (7)

DOP Chapter 388 – Convergence from all directions (7)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:

Damn. This chapter took pretty long….. Couldn’t decide on what to write and had to use some imagination and get creative…

2/5 (8 owed)

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“This, What……”

“Heavens. What is going on……”

“Only marry one……”

Xuan Yuan Che and Liu Yue had both disappeared into the darkness before everyone else returned to their senses.

Qiu Hen and Yan Hu who left with Liu Yue showed a face of pity. Those poor ministers were all shocked.

In the newly built Glass Palace.

Liu Yue sat on the bed and looked over at Xuan Yuan Che, “Do I need to make a move?”

“No need. I’ll take care of it.” Xuan Yuan Che pinched Liu Yue’s face and smiled with charisma and confidence. If he can’t even resolve this problem at hand, then he doesn’t deserve Liu Yue at all.

Liu Yue looked at how confident Xuan Yuan Che was and didn’t feel anxious or worried anymore. If he had allowed her to make her move, she will definitely be quick and direct. She will skin whoever that wants to take her Xuan Yuan Che away from her.

While thinking about this, Liu Yue stood up and yawned. As she took off her clothes, she looked over at Xuan Yuan Che, “Going to sleep. I’m tired. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to get a good night sleep.

Since she rushed back from the rainforest, she was feeling very tired and wanted to sleep.

When she changed into her sleepwear, Liu Yue was about to get into bed when she saw Xuan Yuan Che staring at her.

When she saw those eyes, she felt a lot better.

Seeing the look in Xuan Yuan Che’s eyes, Liu Yue revealed a sinister smile. She started to slowly undo her clothes.

The jade colored undergarment slowly opened up as Liu Yue ran her fingers through it. Her silky white skin slowly revealed itself. It looked as if her skin was glowing inside the room. The sight was very alluring.

The straps of her undergarment slowly slid down to her elbows as the undergarment half revealed her well rounded breasts.

Slowly turning around, she gently lifted her underwear as she raised her right leg. Her underwear loosened as she revealed her slender calves.

With her back facing Xuan Yuan Che, the straps of her undergarment slid down to her wrists.

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