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DOP Chapter 385 – Convergence from all directions (4)

Chapter 385 – Convergence from all directions (4)
Translated by: Andy
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When the emperor commanded the withdrawal, all of the ministers and officials answered loudly with “Yes your highness.” and quickly left the hall. They were all very fast as if they all had practice qing gong.

They all saw Liu Yue’s cold expression. They all know that they can’t afford to offend this asura.

“Let’s go. Let’s go. Che-er, Yue-er, follow father out.” While holding Xuan Yuan Che’s hand, Xuan Yuan Yi walked over to Liu Yue and grabbed her hand. His face was all smiles as he walked with them towards the Imperial Chambers.

Xuan Yuan Che and Liu Yue looked at each other without saying anything. It was their reunion today so they should be happy. It’s not too late to talk about some things later…..

During the reunion feast, the atmosphere was very cheerful.

Eunuchs and palace maids flowed into the hall without stopping. Food and drinks quickly filled the entire hall.

Under the starlit night sky, the musicians were singing without regret. Performers were enthusiastically performing. The beats of the drums pierced the heavens. It was a magnificent sight.

All of the important ministers and officials held their cups up high and were happily laughing.

They all walked towards Xuan Yuan Che and toasted to him. Their King of Yi had returned. Xuan Yuan Che was very happy as well and did not reject their toasts.

Liu Yue sat down next to Empress Chen and slowly ate her food. She was feeling happy. She doesn’t know why but when she sees that Xuan Yuan Che was happy, she felt happy too.

“Yue-er, you’re finally back. Mother has been feeling sad for these past three years.” Empress Chen looked at Liu Yue with a smile.

Other people were scared of Liu Yue but she wasn’t. She liked Liu Yue a lot.

“Did the emperor bully you?” Hearing this, Liu Yue turned around and looked at Empress Chen, “I’ll help you vent your anger.” Liu Yue liked Xuan Yuan Che’s mother. If Xuan Yuan Yi bullies her, then she will get Xuan Yuan Yi back.

Hearing this, Empress Chen laughed and held Liu Yue’s hand, “You brat. Do you the the emperor dares to bully mother? I’m just feeling sad because I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

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