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DOP Chapter 382 – Convergence from all directions (1)

Chapter 382 – Convergence from all directions (1)
Translated by: Andy
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In the capital of Tianchen, everyone was excited for the arrival of the Snow Saint princess.

In the main hall of the imperial palace, all of the civil and military officials gathered for the morning assembly.

“Your highness, the roads in the east hasn’t been fixed yet. The Snow Saint princess is still stuck ten miles outside of the capital. They probably won’t be able to reach the capital any time soon.” The right minister frowned as he spoke.

Xuan Yuan Yi heard this and asked, “Why isn’t it fixed yet?”

A month ago, the road was suddenly destroyed and had stopped Yun Zhao in his tracks. The minister of transport had sent numerous amount of men to work on it already, but why isn’t it fixed yet?

“Right after it was fixed, it was destroyed again. Your subject, I, suspect that someone is behind all this.” The minister of transportation frowned and walked forward.

Xuan Yuan Yi isn’t stupid. There must be someone messing with the roads. However, what kind of people dare to make moves near the capital……

Xuan Yuan Yi saw the solemn expression on the right minister’s face. To be able to mess with Tianchen without anyone knowing what was going on…..Only one person comes to mind.

Thus, Xuan Yuan Yi sighed, “Continue repairing.”

“Yes.” The minister of transportation heard this and immediately answered.

“Your highness, your subject, I, have researched the dates and the eighth of the next month is a very lucky and fine day. It is a very suitable date for weddings…..”

“Who told you that I wanted a wedding?”” Before the minister could finish talking, a loud voice boomed into the hall, causing everyone to be shaken up.

At the same time, the servants yelled out loudly.

“The King of Yi has arrived!”

Xuan Yuan Yi who was on the dragon seat of the emperor immediately stood up. His face was filled with excitement. His son had finally returned. Xuan Yuan Che had finally returned after three whole years.

Xuan Yuan Che flew into the hall like a swift wind. He had a very cold expression on his face.

“My child. You’ve finally returned.” Xuan Yuan Yi was extremely happy and quickly walked down the towards him. Despite the presence of the ministers, he reached his hands out and tightly hugged Xuan Yuan Che.

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  1. Lightsz says:

    So the emperor only reacted to him returning? In a predictable reaction but did not hear the king of yi’s words and seen his expression? What kind of father and emperor is this?

  2. Leafyeyes417 says:

    “Xuan Yuan Yi was extremely happy” Yeah, that won’t last for long. I kinda want XYC to go, “I know you are worried about what will happen if you cancel the marriage, but you really should be worried about what would happen if you let the marriage continue. Liu Yue is not one to anger, and she is very unhappy right now.” *XYC shows a scared face*

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • TwoWhiteShirts says:

      Polygamy man!
      Especially for the royals they marry for political reasons. And the King was probably too scared to reject the offer before his son was back. Heck the entire snow saint country might turn against them!

  3. TwoWhiteShirts says:

    And I forgot to say thank you for the chapter 🙂

    But I’m so anxious, on the edge, angry, and frustrated on behalf of Liu Yue and Xuan yuan Che.
    If he ever disrespects her
    If he ever tries
    Just wait and see!

  4. hikari says:

    Please give me a spoiler..if Liu Yue need to share Yuan Che in anyway i will stop reading this novel. I thought this one of few xinxia/wuxia novel without harem road.

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