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DOP Chapter 381 – Marriage of a Princess (12)

Chapter 381 – Marriage of a Princess (12)
Translated by: Andy
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“Master, the emperor have already given his word.” Qiu Hen tightly furrowed his brows. This was the most important part of the letter.

Having the emperor agree to this meant that the seventh princess was in the same situation as their little princess consort. They were both bestowed with royal order. The bestowment is one thing while Xuan Yuan Che’s willingness is another. The Snow Saint Empire is a lot stronger than Tianchen so if they break it off……”

“Let’s go. We’re returning home.” Xuan Yuan Che grabbed Liu Yue by the waist and flew down the mountain quickly, “Send a message back. No matter the method, block Yun Zhao from entering the capital. Wait for me to return before doing anything. If anything goes wrong, all their heads will be on the line.”

The voice sounded as cold as ice.

Qiu Hen and Yan Hu both looked at each other and followed up. They must take care of this Snow Saint Prince before he gets to Tianchen. If they enter the capital, then it’s not a matter of marrying or not marrying anymore. If something goes wrong, then a war will break out.

The blazing heat of the summer was surging from all directions.

Instead of sightseeing during the day, the four continuously flew towards Tianchen without stop.

At this moment, Yun Zhao and his seventh sister was getting closer and closer to Tianchen. They had all the dowry prepared already.

The entire Tianchen Empire was happily preparing to receive the bride.

The Snow Saint Empire was one of the strongest empires. If Tianchen allies with them through marriage there will be benefits without harm. This bride was the most doted seventh princess of their empire. Even the crowned prince had personally come to escort her. When Tianchen and Snow Saint becomes a family, the people’s mind can be at ease.

Everyone in the empire was joyful. Everyone except Xuan Yuan Che’s Dragon Riders and Liu Yue’s Blood Shadow Guards. They know what kind of personality their little princess has. They know that this isn’t a good thing at all.

The entire imperial palace was filled with joy. All except for Xuan Yuan Che’s newly built Glass Palace. It was very gloomy.

Towards the end of summer, there are many thunderstorms.

No one knows if this was going to be a good thing or not…..

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    Yeah, I don’t think things are going to end well. For Yun Zhao. >:[

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Thank you!! 🙂

    Yunzhao…oh how LiuYue will deal with you better watch out she’ll skin you and feed you to the koi in her pond. Then skin your sister and feed her to the hunting dogs.

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