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DOP Chapter 378 – Marriage of a Princess (9)

Chapter 378 – Marriage of a Princess (9)
Translated by: Andy
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Behind them, Murong Wu Di and the others all happily followed them.

The thick rainforest and the dangers that reside could not break their delighted mood at all.

Light shined through the forest and the river flowed calmly. It was a good day.

It was hard to enter the rainforest but it was easy to leave. Liu Yue and her group were well prepared already. In just ten days, they slaughtered a path out of the rainforest.

It was the middle of summer. The temperature was at its peak. Once they exited the rainforest, they felt like they were suddenly trapped in a steamer basket.

It wasn’t noticeable in the rainforest due to the tall trees and the flowing river. Liu Yue and her group exited through the south side and ended up in the Nansong Empire. It was so hot that they couldn’t handle it at all.

Xuan Yuan Che gave the two treasures to Murong Wu Di and had him send it back to the island overseas. Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che can finally have some free time together. However, the weather was so hot that they had to rest during the day and travel during the night. They went on a scenic tour on their way back to Tianchen.

On the peak of a mountain…

The deep blue sky in the horizons was just like water. The boundaries of the sky was limitless. It can make one stifle as if they were in a void.

Suddenly, in this endless void, countless amount of light rays pierced the sky. The golden light jumped out of the horizons and filled the entire area. It looked as if a ball of flames were shot into the sky.

Rays of light blossomed into every single direction.

It looked as if each ray of light contained an endless amount of power.

Surrounded by the rays of light, two people were standing on top of the mountain. The golden light engulfed their figures, causing them to shine in brilliance. They were standing there gracefully as if they were immortals.

“Beautiful.” Liu Yue breathed in the refreshing air. She looked towards the magnificent sunrise and complimented it.

She had never seen a sunrise before. She didn’t have a reason to and she didn’t have anyone to see it with.

She didn’t know that a sunrise would be so magnificent and elegant. It filled her heart with warmth.

“Such a vast and appealing sight. It was much more beautiful than the scenes depicted in paintings.” Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che stared at the range of mountains in front of them. The mountains had a divine green color. The view of the mountains continued into the horizons as if there was a never ending amount of them. This was the definition of something grand and majestic.

Xuan Yuan Che lifted his hand in front of him and watched as the golden light pierce through the space between his fingers. He was enjoying his view. The beauty of nature was simply indescribable.

Scene is probably something like this.

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