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DOP Chapter 376 – Marriage of a Princess (7)

Chapter 376 – Marriage of a Princess (7)
Translated by: Andy
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When Xuan Yuan Che heard this, he quickly retrieved the exquisite fish from the river. With his finger, he slowly cut open its belly. A red gallbladder fell right into Xuan Yuan Che’s hand.

Qiu Hen quickly came over with the Ice Jade Box that they had previously prepared and stored the gall bladder away.

When Princess Qing Lian saw this, her angry expression was quickly replaced by an astonished expression. Her eyes were glued to the red jewel-like gall bladder.

Liu Yue had definitely poisoned the exquisite fish and killed it. How come the gallbladder didn’t turn grey? Why was it still fully red?

What was going on?

Meanwhile Liu Yue was standing there playing with her dagger while the boys did their thing. After she saw that Xuan Yuan Che got what she wanted, she picked up a rock and gently threw the rock into the river.

The rock created a small ripple as it sank into the river.

Suddenly, from the effects of the ripple, the piranhas that looked more dead than dead suddenly started to swim again.

“It moved?” Liu Cheng and the others saw this and were shocked.

Did these exquisite fish come back from the dead? How is that possible?

Each piranha slowly regained its vigor as it started to swim around just like before. In a few breaths of time, the river filled with dead fish was once again gleaming with silver streaks.

After a while, all of the piranhas in the river drifted away very quickly. The river was cleared up again without a single piranha in sight.

Except for the dead Queen Piranha beside Xuan Yuan Che’s feet. If it wasn’t for the body of the Queen Piranha, Qing Lian and the others might have thought that this was all an illusion.

How did this happen? No poison under the heavens have this kind of effect!

“It seems like you’ve let us win.” Liu Yue smiled as she looked towards Du Gu Ye who had a calm expression on his face.

Du Gu Ye looked deeply at the smiling Liu Yue. A smile suddenly appeared on his face. His eyes showed that he wanted to beat her.

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  1. TwoWhiteShirts says:

    Liu Yue is so coooool!!
    I hope Du Gu Ye doesn’t harm her

    Thank you for the chapters!!! 😀

  2. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    Du Gu Ye seems to have awakened to something to want to dominate Liu Yue
    but he’ll never get the chance to.

  3. eunieberry says:

    Whoa awesome Liu Yue!! I wanna know how she did that! And that Qing Lan hmmpphhh!! And people thinks your a genius? Pfft. Anyway thank you soooooo much for the update?

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