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DOP Chapter 375 – Marriage of a Princess (6)

Chapter 375 – Marriage of a Princess (6)
Translated by: Andy
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Finally caught up to the translated chapter of the novel 😮

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“Incredible!.” Yan Hu was speechless.

The river was scarlet red while silver linings were strutting back and forth in the water. It was very beautiful. It had a sinister and bloody kind of beauty to it.

“It really does move fast.” Liu Yue smiled and held her hand up. She slowly put each finger down and started a countdown, “Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Bang.”

After she counted down to one, her closed hand suddenly opened up like fireworks.

When her hand opened up, all of the piranhas swimming in the water flipped upside down as they all started to float upwards.

Ten. Hundred. Thousand. Ten thousand! In a split second, all of the piranhas that took a bite out of the meat floated up.

The scarlet color river was now filled with little silver fish. With the sunlight shining on them, the silver scales on the fish gleamed.

“They’re all dead?” Qing Lian stomped her feet in anger.

Du Gu Ye pondered a bit and then looked at Liu Yue. A dark look appeared in his eyes. He kind of understood where Liu Yue was going with this.

Qing Lian, Tian Ya and the others all furrowed their brows. However, when they saw the calm expression on Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che’s face, they began to frantically search the dead piranhas.

Only the Queen Exquisite Fish will have a hidden tempered gall bladder. It was one in ten thousand!

The entire river was filled with piranhas.

Liu Yue was carelessly playing with her dagger as she watched Xuan Yuan Che and the others search. She didn’t join because she didn’t know what the Queen Piranha looks like.

Du Gu Ye sighed. He was right about what she was doing. A good plan. It really was a good plan. He looked over at Liu Yue and then turned back around.

“Right here!” In the midst of the silence, Murong Wu Di suddenly yelled out. He quickly grabbed one of the piranhas in the middle of the river and returned ashore.

The beautiful silver fish was even smaller than the normal piranhas. There was a red scar line on its abdominal area. It looked very beautiful. At this time, it wasn’t moving at all. It looked like everything but an alive fish.

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