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DOP Chapter 373 – Marriage of a Princess (4)

Chapter 373 – Marriage of a Princess (4)
Translated by: Andy
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At this time, the river in front of Du Gu Ye and his group was billowing as the water flowed very quickly. The water was very clear and one can see that there were many exquisite fish under the river.

“Du Gu Ye, the ones with the ability will reap the rewards.” Liu Yue looked at the river and then smiled. She then looked over at Du Gu Ye and called out.

Du Gu Ye heard this and looked up. He saw the giant bundles that Xuan Yuan Che and his group was carrying and glared at it for a bit.

He can’t underestimate this Liu Yue. If she’s saying something like this, then she probably has a way to win.

Du Gu Ye slowly got up and waved his sleeves to dry it off. He knew what Liu Yue was thinking and yet he answered with a “yes.” He wanted to see what kind of abilities Liu Yue had.

Seeing this, she signaled Qiu Hen and Yan Hu while revealing a big smile.

Qiu Hen and Yan Hu immediately moved and threw all of the python meat into the river.

The eight giant pieces of meat quickly filled the water.

The loud sound caused Tian Ya and the others to look over.

The python meat still had some blood on it as they threw it into the ocean. Immediately, it attracted countless amount of fishes towards it.

The water was violently moving with the piranhas flying towards the meat. The smell of blood from the python’s meat was too rich and strong.

The piranhas were viciously biting the python meat.

Looking at how violent these things were and how turbulent the river flow had become, Xuan Yuan Che raised his brows. So there are things like this in the world huh?

Blood seeped out into the water, dying it red.

“What’s the use of this?” Princess Qing Lian saw this and raise her brows in confusion. All they had to do was lure these exquisite fish out of the water and then find their gall bladders. This maneuver by Liu Yue was making the fish crazy. It’s basically as if they were just feeding the fish.

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  1. TwoWhiteShirts says:

    Yeah I hope Liu Yue snags the gallbladder and then they can leave and pay back Che’s debts.
    And when they leave they should just leave without Du Gu Ye’s leeching group! Since he played a part in harming them many years ago. We could even say he takes part of the blame in Che’s injury so he should just step back and not claim anything hmph!!

    And thank you for the chapter! 🙂

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