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DOP Chapter 372 – Marriage of a Princess (3)

Chapter 372 – Marriage of a Princess (3)
Translated by: Andy
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In the distant, the barely audible voice brought by the wind belonged to princess Qing Lian. It was a very sweet voice.

The five people looked at each other. They found it!

“Let’s go. This time it’s our turn.” Liu Yue and her group held the python skin and meat as they moved towards the voice. Last time, they led Du Gu Ye to the giant python. This time, Du Gu Ye helped them find the Exquisite fish.

After crossing the mountain cavity in front of them, a calm and clear river appeared in front of them. Du Gu Ye and his group was standing next to it.

They saw that Du Gu Ye and the others were all holding a half-dead poisonous snake. They were holding the snake in their hands while reaching into the river.

In the next moment, they all pulled their hands up very quickly. Under the golden gleam of the sun light, the clear splatter of the water could be seen as a small beautiful fish jumped out and bit the snake.

Princess Qing Lian who was holding onto a tree quickly moved up and checked the fish. After a while, she shook her head.

Liu Yue saw this and knew that she was right. This exquisite fish is basically the modern day piranha!

From Du Gu Ye’s movements, it seems like their group was familiar with piranha. With Qing Lian, a professor level scholar by their side, they ought to know what this is.

As Liu Yue and the others moved closer, Du Gu Ye noticed them and looked up for a moment. This moment was very quick as he looked back down to continue what he was doing.

“So the King of Yi is interested in this too?” Qing Lian looked over at Xuan Yuan Che as her face turned red.

Xuan Yuan Che didn’t answer her and looked at Du Gu Ye.

“This kind of fish loves meat and is very ferocious. You should be careful.” Seeing that Xuan Yuan Che didn’t reply, she explained the situation to him. Xuan Yuan Che nodded and thanked her.

“Incredible!” Murong Wu Di looked at the snake that Li Mu put into the water. Only half of its body was remaining. This sent shivers down his spine.

In the [Topics of Heavens], it states that the exquisite fish loves meat. However, they didn’t think that it would be so incredible. They were basically the same as the man-eating ants, except they live in water.

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