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DOP Chapter 37 – Eagle

DOP Chapter 37 – Eagle
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

TLN: 1 chapter before I sleep, 6 more following later on… Thank you for all your comments, encouragement and support in the poll, guys…I’m really touched by all the comments you gave… I feel like framing all of your comments and hang it up in my room… :’) Thank you once again and enjoy the chapter!

“This… What is going on? Everything is back to normal.” Seeing her getting up, Xuan Mo was extremely surprised and he quickly checked Liu Yue’s pulse. His eyes widened with shock when he found a normal pulse. He looked at Liu Yue disbelievingly.

She was in a critical condition just a moment ago, how could she be…

“It’s just countering poison with poison.” Liu Yue took back her wrist from Xuan Mo.

She had to drink the poison that Empress Liu gave her. Otherwise, how would she play the part of a wolf in a sheep’s skin?

However, how could she let herself be poisoned? When she first swallowed the poison, she had already ingested the poison she hid in her sleeves. She only fainted just now because of the two poison clashing inside her body, it wasn’t a serious problem.

This body of hers was still far from her previous body. Her past self had ingested a hundred different types of poison and built a resistance to it. Even if it was the latest US neurotoxin technology, it wouldn’t harm her in the slightest bit. Yet, she actually fainted from the toxins in this current body.

Looks like she would need to train her body harder.

Xuan Yuan Che who was standing at her bedside glared at her with eyes full of wrath mixed with anxiety. A furious aura was slowly seeping out from him.
Seeing this, Liu Yue spoke with a calm yet unyielding tone, “I’m not someone who wouldn’t cherish her own life, but I do know my position here. I went to the Empress’ Palace because I am prepared, and I know that I can be absolutely safe. That’s why I went there.”

“So, did you mean that my worry for you is unnecessary?” Xuan Yuan Che’s expression turn icy cold. It turned out that all of his anxiety and worry had ended up as a joke.

dop37-1Liu Yue only shook her head slowly when she saw this. She stood up from the bed and grasped Xuan Yuan Che’s face, then gave him a gentle kiss on his lips. Her brows raised as she laughed out, “Of course not. I’m very happy. I’m really very happy. I’ve never been so happy before.”

She emphasised her feelings three times to tell him the joy she was feeling right then. There had never been anyone who would worry so much for her. Never. But Xuan Yuan Che had actually wanted to charge into the Empress Palace, seething in anger, for her sake. She knew he was a calm person and would have never done such thing in a normal situation. That was why she was extremely happy.

Her hands twining around his neck, Liu Yue rest her head on Xuan Yuan Che’s shoulders and said, “Che, trust me. I’m not a weak little hummingbird, I’m a strong eagle. I’m an eagle that can soar through the sky together with you. I am not that fragile, so trust me.”

Her soft words flowed like a gentle river on Xuan Yuan Che’s ears, so gentle yet so overbearingly confident.

The fury that filled his heart slowly dissipated away. He thought that he became so worried because he didn’t believe in her enough. How could he forget that his little Princess Consort was an extremely capable and proud woman, with thousands of tricks up her sleeves?

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    • Vivec says:

      What other things can they use to maintain a semblance of amicability while avoiding having assassins skulking in the shadows? Poison in the food or drink is the easiest way they can politely end one’s life.

    • shadowmouse46 says:

      It’s also a classic way of getting rid of political enemy in China and really any whr tea hides the sweet smell of poison

    • Faust Voncleave says:

      Yeah, I get that. But treating poison with poison is very complicated and specific so I was asking how she knew what poison they were going to give her. On hindsight, I realized that she probably didn’t know which one and instead carried multiple different poisons to fit all possible situation she could think of.

      • Inbetweenaction says:

        most likely yes. she knows enough about the foul play in politics and power play to expect an assassination attempt (it was her main business, after all), and has had over a month to prepare.

  1. RKain says:

    Y’know, I’m surprised at how quickly the relationship between Liu Yue and the prince became amicable and cooperative. I guess I’ve been conditioned by past experience to expect a fairly long period of superficial antagonism as one or the other plays the tsundere. The relatively quick transition from testing each other to cooperation – not merely love, but LIKE – is something I wasn’t completely prepared for. Kudos to the author!

    My thanks to you, Shiroyukineko.

    • Vivec says:

      It’s nice that both of the characters are scheming, but decisive. It’s a great change of pace I’m enjoying the sight of.

      • RKain says:

        And I just realized that is the first LN / WN I’ve read where two scheming main / major characters are COOPERATING.

        • Inbetweenaction says:

          damn… you are you are right. They are going to conquer the world just because it looked at the other guy funny…

          although, i have seen this in manga sometimes with the warring states era, which is fairly similar to their era.

  2. ZaX says:

    She could be the perfect shadow to his light. Assassination and poison techniques along with the confidence and skill to use them.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. OhDine says:

    Thank you for another great chapter.

    You are a fantastic translator.

    Your quality of work is above many others!

    Anywho~ It was a great chapter and I really enjoyed reading it, thank you for the hard work 🙂

  4. Eienwo says:

    Hey! Thanks for your translations, I discovered them yesterday and BUM, a new fan was born. My internet died lately so I couldn’t cast my golden leaves – I wish to cast all seven on the summoner novel. All three of the novels you traslate are interesting, but at the moment the summoner one looks most delicious. Take care!
    Best regards

  5. Tiffany says:

    What happened to her scars???? are they still there? it doesnt look like they are in the pic or are the scars just faded or covered with makeup

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