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DOP Chapter 367 – The Black-clothed Asura (11)

Chapter 367 – The Black-clothed Asura (11)
Translated by: Andy
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A silver light streaked across the sky. The strike looked to be very sharp.

In an instant, the entire sky was covered in streaks of silver light. The light looked as if it was dancing around the giant python. It was filled with a cold murderous intent.

Every strike that landed on the giant python caused it to bleed. Its blood splattered everywhere as it struggled.

Liu Yue who was being held by Du Gu Ye tried to force herself out of his embrace. She didn’t want to be hugged by Du Gu Ye.

Du Gu Ye held onto her and moved backwards.

“Let go.” Liu Yue coldly commanded.

“He’s gone mad.” Du Gu Ye didn’t say anything else. After moving backwards, he let Liu Yue down.

Hearing this from Du Gu Ye, she looked forward and saw Xuan Yuan Che fighting the giant python all by himself.

Xuan Yuan Che never showed his true strength in front of her. She didn’t know that he was this strong.

Just before, nine people were fighting it at the same time and couldn’t subdue it. Now, Xuan Yuan Che was fighting by himself and was restraining it.

Every silver streak was followed by a blood red streak.

Xuan Yuan Che was very angry at the moment. In his black robe, he was exerting the power of an Asura.

The sinister and eerie killing intent scattered everywhere.

Xuan Yuan Che charged forward towards the head of the giant python. A fierce and hateful expression appeared in his eyes. With quick movements, he was on top the giant python in a matter of seconds. The python felt as if a massive mountain had just landed on its head.

Xuan Yuan Che angrily stomped on the already weakened python’s head and caused it to fall over.

“Splash.” The giant python fell back into the river.

“Whatever that dares harm my Liu Yue, will die.” Xuan Yuan Che stood on top of the python like an imposing and domineering asura.

At the time, the python’s abdominal area started to melt down and revealed a large hole. It’s blood squirted everywhere and covered the entire plain.

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