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DOP Chapter 366 – The Black-clothed Asura 10

Chapter 366 – The Black-clothed Asura 10
Translated by: Andy
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Sponsored by: Michael Allen!!!!!! (Sixth sponsored Chapter)

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The silver sword in Xuan Yuan Che’s hand did not look very sharp but with quick movements, Xuan Yuan Che stabbed into the python’s mouth.

The python had its mouth hanging open right above Xuan Yuan Che’s head. Liquid dripped from its mouth onto Xuan Yuan Che’s clothes.

Under the large mouth, Xuan Yuan Che looked very small.

“Master!” Qiu Hen and the others felt as if their heart had stopped.

It was too dangerous.

Du Gu Ye who was holding onto Liu Yue looked over at Xuan Yuan Che and furrowed his brows.

With a fierce look on his face, Xuan Yuan Che yelled out and grabbed the sword that was stuck in the python’s mouth. With all his strength, he moved the sword across the mouth into the python’s back.

In a quick moment, the rigid part between the mouth and the head was cut in half.

Blood splattered all over Xuan Yuan Che’s face.

Murong Wu Di was charging forward to help his prince stopped in his tracks and looked at the python in surprise. He knows how hard the head of the python was…. To be able to cut it up in one stroke…..

The giant python felt the pain and became even crazier.

Its head wiggled around as he lunged its tail at Xuan Yuan Che.

Xuan Yuan Che covered in blood and had a very cold look in his eyes. Those were the eyes of someone who is ready to hunt. It was as dark as the night.

Xuan Yuan Che snorted and didn’t dodge. Instead he charged forward with his sword and attacked the python’s tail.

The sword moved very quickly, just like lightning.

The python and Xuan Yuan Che exchanged positions as they went past each other. The python squirmed as it’s body split open.

Qiu Hen and Yan Hu who were rushing forward widened their eyes and stopped moving. Their master had gone crazy.

The python’s entire body became erect as it charged towards Xuan Yuan Che again.

Receiving the invitation to fight, Xuan Yuan Che turned around and charged towards the python again.

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