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DOP Chapter 360 – The Black-clothed Asura 4

Chapter 360 – The Black-clothed Asura 4
Translated by: Andy
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The sound created by the python’s tail as it struck through the air sounded very heavy.

Du Gu Ye saw that it was dangerous and immediately blocked the tail with his sword while jumping backwards to reduce the impact.

The python looked big, stupid and clumsy but it was not at all. Du Gu Ye was fast but the giant python was even faster. It quickly swept its tail up Du Gu Ye’s back, trying to take him down in one move.

Du Gu Ye was off balance and quickly did two flips in the air to land far away.

His expression was ice cold while blood was dripping from his mouth. He was also injured.

In a quick moment, the five strongest people in the Ao Yun Empire were all injured.

Princess Qing Lian who didn’t know any martial arts was standing there in shock.

Holding her dagger, Liu Yue looked at the defeated Du Gu Ye and furrowed her brows.

She looked at the white python. It’s circumference was at least three meters. Suddenly, Liu Yue felt a headache. How long has this python lived for? Its body is way too majestic!

This thing…. Not even a rocket launcher would kill it.

The python squirmed and caused the river to overflow. It had been injured in two places. Its eyes turned red and an oppressing aura seeped out from its body.

As the tyrant of the rainforest, no one ever dared to challenge it. However, it was actually injured today.

The white giant python was extremely mad.

It lifted its head and roared. The giant python then left the river and went directly onto the land.

“I thank the princess consort for her guidance here. However, to whom the deer falls to (idiom?) will depend on our own abilities.” Du Gu Ye helped himself up with his sword and looked towards the giant python.

At the same time, Qing Shui and the others all forced themselves up as well.

They know that fighting against the python first will put them at a disadvantage. However, they can’t take advantage of the fact that Liu Yue had guided them here. They tried their best to injure the python to repay the favor. Du Gu Ye was not someone who like to take advantage of others.

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