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DOP Chapter 36 – Anxiousness

Chapter 36 – Anxiousness
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

TLN: Last chapter of the day! Night all 🙂

Liu Yue didn’t utter a single word as she followed Xuan Yuan Che out of the Bing Chen Palace. However, she didn’t miss the hostile glare from Liu Xin Ai as she walked out of the Hall.

Xuan Yuan Che’s hands was a little sweaty. Looks like he had hurried here, was he afraid that something would happen to her?

Raising her head to look at Xuan Yuan Che, Liu Yue’s lips curled into a smile. How could someone did anything to her? However, this feeling felt quite nice. Very nice indeed.

Through the gardens and pathways, Xuan Yuan Che walked as quickly as he can.

After a moment, they had returned to Liu Li Palace.

“In the future, if you are summoned anywhere, you’ll have to bring me along. Otherwise, I forbid you to go anywhere.” Once they have entered Liu Li Palace, Xuan Yuan Che looked towards Liu Yue and warned her with a serious expression.

dop34-4Liu Yue had not even spoke a single word when her body suddenly collapsed. Unsteady on her feet, her forehead fell into Xuan Yuan Che’s embrace.

Xuan Yuan Che’s face turned pale in a flash as he carried the unconscious Liu Yue and charged inside the hall.

He immediately bellowed, “Xuan Mo, come here, quickly!” His voice trembled a little, a complete difference from his calm and dignified voice in front of Empress Li just now.

When Yan Hu and Qiu Hen who were standing guard in Liu Li palace saw the current situation, their face also paled as they hurriedly ran out to look for Xuan Mo.

Quickly placing Liu Yue on his bed, at his back, Xuan Mo had hurriedly entered the room.

As he took Liu Yue’s pulse and examined her, Xuan Mo’s forehead sweated a little.

“How is it?” Xuan Yuan Che’s expression was beyond awful as he asked worriedly.

“There are two types of poison that are quickly spreading through the Princess Consort’s body…”

“Dammit, what are you trying to show off to me? Why can’t you wait for me to come back before going there?” Xuan Mo didn’t have a chance to finish his sentence as Xuan Yuan Che’s face turned ashen, smashing the bedside with his fist.

The delicate white jade bed corner immediately shattered under his hands.

“Why are you explaining so much? Xuan Mo, do something quickly and save the Princess Consort.” Officer Han who followed in scolded Xuan Mo, the King of Yi’s personal physician, with a worried face.

The sweat on Xuan Mo’s forehead flowed down even more quickly. “I don’t dare to do anything. I don’t know what types of poison these two poisons are. I only know they are extremely potent and spread out very quickly inside the body.”

Xuan Mo gritted his teeth as he held Liu Yue’s cold hands.

Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Che immediately grabbed the lapels of Xuan Mo’s robes and pulled him up in one go. His eyes was bloodshot as he roared, “You can’t save her?”

“I, I… can’t.” Xuan Mo had never seen Xuan Yuan Che so furious before, he couldn’t help but turned pale at his words.

The fist grabbing on the lapels suddenly broke away as Xuan Yuan Che threw Xuan Mo on the ground. He turned his body and pulled out a silver sword from the bedside. Full of killing intent, he turned and stormed away, “Evil witch! I’m going to get the antidote from her.”

dopp34-3Seeing this, Yan Hu and Qiu Hen’s faces turned anxious. Their Master didn’t look like he was going to get the antidote, he looked like he was going to murder someone.

Publicly going against the Empress, the consequences…

One foot stepping forward, Xuan Yuan Che had not even taken his second step when the unconscious Liu Yue laying on the bed suddenly grabbed his hands weakly.

“Che.” That simple word was like a sun clearing up the storm in his heart, immediately stopping Xuan Yuan Che on his tracks.

Sensing the weak fingers grabbing his hand, Xuan Yuan Che immediately turned around and set his gaze on the person laying on the bed.

Eyes slowly opening, a familiar deep, dark eyes looked at him, as if sucking his soul.

As her eyes locked on Xuan Yuan Che’s red eyes that was filled with murderous intent and anxiousness, Liu Yue laughed. This person truly loved her wholeheartedly.

“You underestimated me too much.” A small smile appeared as she slowly curled her lips. Liu Yue grabbed Xuan Yuan Che’s hands and slowly sat up.

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  1. libraryrocker says:

    Goodnight!! Thank you so much for all your efforts!!

    These ones are truly like potato chips in that you want to eat one and then another and then another!! This is super interesting!! I really love it!!!!

  2. RKain says:

    If the solution turns out to be the nail polish, then I can only say that she’s freaking psychic.

    My thanks to you.

    • Inbetweenaction says:

      a master of poison preparing ten different antidotes before going into a crowd that she knows historically used poisons? and took her time analyzing the poison to see which of her prepared antidotes that could counteract it, if any, before drinking it?

      not that psychic, just someone that has done that kind of stuff before

  3. deadlybell says:

    its true poison can counteract poison but it takes great in depth knowledge of how the poison reacts and spreads in the body as well as what poison can counter said effect.

    • Inbetweenaction says:

      And she is stated to be a master in poison, and correctly identified the poisons, so she is actually quite likely to have the required knowledge to know if her own poisons could counteract it

      • deadlybell says:

        I never disputed this, was only stating the facts never once did I liken her to someone without the prerequisite skill

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