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DOP Chapter 359 – The Black-clothed Asura 3

Chapter 359 – The Black-clothed Asura 3
Translated by: Andy
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With her weapon in her hand, Liu Yue and her group slowly moved back. The five of them were all became very cautious of surroundings.

They moved back to where they originally were and the five people stared at the river.

The river water was splashing everywhere. A white streak weaved around the sky.

A murderous aura covered the entire area.

Du Gu Ye and the four generals were all fiercely fighting the giant white python.

Liu Yue and the others could feel their sword qi all over the place. Qing Shui, Tian Ya, Liu Cheng, and Li Mu were facing the python in different directions. With a wave of their sword, they yelled and charged towards the Python’s head in harmony.

At the same time, Du Gu Ye was at the Python’s tail. He charged forward as well and slashed at the white Python’s tail.

A two prong attack. It was short, quick and powerful.

The Python didn’t stand there and let them attack him without doing anything. He erected his head upright and charged towards Qing Shui and the other generals.

The four swords attack from all different directions, striking the python right at its neck.

Qing Shui and the other generals were experts amongst experts. With their powers combined, they should be able to cut through any living creature even if its skin bones were made of steel.

However, when the four swords struck the python’s neck, only a small wound was inflicted onto the python.

There were a bit of blood seeping out of the wound.

The four people were delighted at what happened. They haven’t use all their moves yet and they can still inflict a wound on the python.

After being struck, the python raged and threw itself at the four generals.

It slammed its head on the four of them.

“Pu.” Qing Shui, Li Mu, Liu Cheng, and Tian Ya all spat out a mouthful of blood and heavily landed on the ground. Blood seeped out from their mouth.

With one move, the python had injured the four of them.

While the python was dealing with Qing Shui and the others, Du Gu Ye fiercely struck the python’s tail.

The giant tail that was on the ground immediately shot up at Du Gu Ye.

“Si Si Si…” The giant python became even angrier. It moved its tail back and forth and got away from Du Gu Ye’s control. It then swung its tail straight at Du Gu Ye.

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