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DOP Chapter 356 – You are the only one for me in this multifarious world (12)

Chapter 356 – You are the only one for me in this multifarious world (12)
Translated by: Andy
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“Let’s go. Let’s go.” Murong Wu Di, Qiu Hen, Yan Hu all saw this and quickly followed.

Du Gu Ye was still standing on the cliff. He looked at how Liu Yue was holding Xuan Yuan Che’s hands and then at Qing Lian. He quickly followed them. He’s decided……

Between the two cliffs was a bridge. It was very thin and long.

Under the bridge, the drop was very steep and it looked very eerie.

“They’re here.” Tian Ya who was all the way in the back yelled out. He watched as a pitch black curtain appeared from the blue miasma.

The man-eating ants have caught up.

“Destroy the bridge.” Without looking back, Xuan Yuan Che quickly decided.

“Then how will we get back?” Murong Wu Di was startled. If they destroy the bridge, they would have no way back.

“We probably won’t be able to get out even if we go back.” Liu Yue commented.

At the same time, Du Gu Ye made a hand gesture to Tian Ya. They had to destroy it. There was no turning back.

With just a look Tian Ya knew what his master meant.

Qing Shui saw the signal as well and immediately unsheathed his sword too as he rushed forward to the weak point of the bridge.

The two swords struck the bridge and it immediately collapsed.

The others quickly jumped to the other cliff.

They turned around and watched as more and more ants appeared.

But who cares if there were more ants? There was a gap in between them. There was no way for the ants to get to the other side.

The black ants were not a threat anymore

With a smile, Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che both moved forward. They really had no way of dealing with those ants. This was considered the light at the end of the tunnel for them.

They were in a good mood as they continued to move forward. After they crossed the cliff, they ended up in a spacious area.

“Heavens. It’s that thing. It’s actually that thing….” Murong Wu Di looked at the marvel in the spacious area and pointed at it with his mouth wide open.

One of the overlords of the rainforest… It was wriggling around left and right….

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  1. apocalypse942 says:

    Whoa, what the hell is wrong with the chapter length? I don’t read this one, just randomly clicked the newest chapter, but this is even shorter than an average book page! And here I thought that I found another binge-reading material. Tsk so much for getting my hopes up.

    • libraryrocker says:

      so far as I’ve read, lots of the Chinese ones are like this? But if you get enough chapters it adds up into the story. They like to end each one on cliffhangers though…. XD

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