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DOP Chapter 350 – You are the only one for me in this multifarious world (6)

Chapter 350 – You are the only one for me in this multifarious world (6)
Translated by: Andy
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Liu Yue had never thought about this before. In her eyes, Xuan Yuan Che was her’s alone. It’s suppose to be a monogamy. That was right and proper thing.

However, she forgot that she wasn’t in the 21st century anymore. She was in a time where it was normal for a man to have multiple wives. A time where a King will have many concubines.

She was in an era where a man doesn’t know restraint; where a man doesn’t know about loyalty and devotion; where a man doesn’t know about living happily together forever with one partner.

In their eyes, it was right for them to marry many women to show their power.

Especially people in the royal family. They loved to do whatever they want and would get whatever they want.

Liu Yue slowly turned around and stared at the area with miasma.

Xuan Yuan Che. I trust you. Don’t disappoint me.

Xuan Yuan Che. I trust you. Don’t betray me. You can’t afford to betray me…..

Liu Yue was getting angry. She stood there and watched silently.

She stared at the exit without caring about anything else.

She had never experienced romance in her previous life. She didn’t know what it was like to be loved.

Now, this love from Xuan Yuan Che was very valuable to her.

The love from Xuan Yuan Che allowed her to love someone and value someone. He gave her a deep feeling where she wouldn’t regret dying for him.

This feeling can’t easily be destroyed. Her love for Xuan Yuan Che will never disappear.

She won’t go back in to rescue him. She won’t go look for him either. She’ll stand outside and wait.

If he can’t even pass this hurdle, and shatter her hopes and dreams, then even if she stopped him today, he will have second thoughts in the future.

Love. It was something between two people. No one person can handle it themself.

However, if her heart is shattered today, as for what she would do, not even she knows herself.

The sunlight was gleaming and the mountain wind whistled.

Under the cliff, the sound of river water flowed smoothly. It was very quiet.

Liu Yue stood there, not moving at all.

Du Gu Ye stood next to Liu Yue and looked at her expressionless face with a deep stare. He didn’t say anything and put his hands behind his back as he watched with her.

They stood shoulder to shoulder with the same icy look on their faces.

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  1. ryuutobi says:

    Actually, polygamy in the royal families of medieval kingdoms was more of a political thing. Back then, relationship between nations was built upon blood relation. Thus, the standard procedure to make a diplomatic relation was sending off a princess to be married off into the royal family of the other nation.

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