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DOP Chapter 348 – You are the only one for me in this multifarious world (4)

Chapter 348 – You are the only one for me in this multifarious world (4)
Translated by: Andy
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There was a bridge made out of rocks above the stream that connected two cliffs. The cliff was very high up and no one could see the bottom of it.

The area above the cliff however, was very beautiful and clear as the mountain breeze blew by.

Liu Yue stepped on the edge of the cliff and continuously took deep breaths.

The mountain breeze was very clear and cool. It had a strong refreshing feel to it allow people to regain their composure.

Du Gu Ye who followed Liu Yue out was also standing by the edge and breathed the mountain air slowly. He was still acting refined and elegant.

After a while, Liu Yue finally recovered. She looked at the wound that she inflicted onto herself.

The blood was still dripping as it died the grass around her red.

Her face was still expressionless as she treated her wound and washed her dagger on the grass.

She looked around. There was no one else. Xuan Yuan Che and the others were not out yet.

She furrowed her brows at look at the miasma. This miasma is very strong, could they be……

Liu Yue didn’t have a good feeling about this.

Du Gu Ye opened his eyes and watched Liu Yue. He moved towards her and tapped a acupuncture point on Liu Yue’s arm.

The blood on her arm immediately clotted and stopped flowing out.

Liu Yue looked over at Du Gu Ye. That red hot face that he had inside the miasma had completely disappeared. Now it was like a clear cold glacier.

Liu Yue saw that Du Gu Ye nodded at her and didn’t say anything.

What happened in there was an accident. Since it was an accident, there was no need to fight over it. Liu Yue didn’t want to think about it either.

Liu Yue wasn’t so petty go be angry at such a thing after it happened.

She nodded and stood up. She then continued to look around.

Du Gu Ye had his hands behind his back and looked at Liu Yue, “My little sister is together with him.”

Du Gu Ye had said something that he shouldn’t have and caused Liu Yue to become angry again.

She slowly turned around with a murderous look in her eyes.

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