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DOP Chapter 346 – You are the only one for me in this multifarious world (2)

Chapter 346 – You are the only one for me in this multifarious world (2)
Translated by: Andy
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In her heart, she knew that this was all an illusion.

It felt as if she knew she was awake while she was in a dream realm. She can feel everything but in reality, she was still in deep sleep. (Lucid dreaming?)

No. She can’t continue like this…..

She gritted her teeth and cut herself with her dagger. The sense of pain allow her to clear her mind once again.

Without saying anything, she quickly rushed forwards.

Blood slowly dripped down from her arm onto the ground as she cut through the miasma covered forest.

Du Gu Ye who was standing across from Liu Yue saw everything and furrowed his brows.

So she didn’t want to be touched. She’d rather hurt herself than be touched….. Is she saving herself for Xuan Yuan Che?

He looked deeply at her. He didn’t like this feeling.

This woman…. If only this woman’s husband was himself…..

He looked at Liu Yue who was moving quickly and started to follow.

In a while, the two people started exited the miasma covered area.

At this time, Xuan Yuan Che and Qing Lian also entered the zone where the effect of the miasma was at its strongest.

“It’s very hot.” Princess Qing Lian only knew Qing Gong and didn’t have any inner strength to defend herself against the miasma. If Liu Yue and Du Gu Ye couldn’t even defend themselves against the miasma with the antidote, then Qing Lian will definitely fall.

She forgot that she couldn’t open her mouth and breathed in some of the miasma. In front of the princess, all she saw was a giant back.

Tianchen’s King of Yi. This was someone who was on the same level as her eldest brother. One of the two kings that we renowned throughout the world.

When they first met, that handsome face that causes even the heavens to be angry had melted her heart.

She quickly caught up to Xuan Yuan Che and pulled his sleeves while her face was bright red.

Xuan Yuan Che knew that this miasma was strong and prepared himself against it. When he heard the princess talk behind him, he furrowed his brows.

Did Du Gu Ye have nothing better to do? To bring such a weak woman into this dangerous forest…. She was being very troublesome.

Without even looking back, he grabbed her arm and continued to move forward.

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