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DOP Chapter 345 – You are the only one for me in this multifarious world (1)

Chapter 345 – You are the only one for me in this multifarious world (1)
Translated by: Andy
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The insipid coldness was slowly felt by Liu Yue.

Under the effects of the miasma, not many people would have noticed this.

However, this feeling startled Liu Yue.

Such coldness…… It didn’t belong to Xuan Yuan Che.

She broke out of the illusion and opened her eyes. The face that was so close to her’s wasn’t Xuan Yuan Che’s. It was Du Gu Ye’s!

Oh God. It wasn’t Xuan Yuan Che.

The look in her eyes cleared up and without even thinking she took a dagger out and struck towards Du Gu Ye while escaping from his embrace.

A strong murderous aura followed the sword and struck towards Du Gu Ye’s face.

Suddenly feeling such a strong murderous aura, Du Gu Ye was startled.

His keen instincts took over his body and his mind started to clear up. The instant before the dagger would hit him, Du Gu Ye quickly moved backwards and avoided the attack.

Strands of black hair dropped from his head and fell between the two people.

The two people who were embracing each other were now far apart.

The illusion they were in shattered.

When Du Gu Ye cooled down, he looked at Liu Yue who was staring at him coldly. When he finally came to his sense he furrowed his brows. He touched his hair and frowned. If he was a bit slower, his head would’ve been on the floor instead.

Du Gu Ye was very shocked. He quickly moved his fingers and massaged a few of his meridians to suppress the feelings he had for Liu Yue.

After unsheathing the sword, Liu Yue had taken a few steps back and was giving Du Gu Ye the death glare.

Shit. She was almost taken advantage of.

Unexpectedly, this miasma actually had two different effects: to seduce and create illusions. She almost lost her reputation and betrayed herself. She wanted to vomit.

While thinking about this, she wanted to try and experience the illusion again while her head was clear. She looked at Du Gu Ye. In an instant, Du Gu Ye transformed into Xuan Yuan Che.

It seems like you’ll only start to see the illusion after inhaling the miasma twice…..

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