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DOP Chapter 344 – Blue Sensations (12)

Chapter 344 – Blue Sensations (12)
Translated by: Andy
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Liu Yue stared blankly at the person behind her. She blinked a few times. How can the person behind her be Xuan Yuan Che? Didn’t they take different paths? How did he end up here?

She rubbed her eyes and blinked a few times again. Du Gu Ye was nowhere to be seen. It was Xuan Yuan Che behind her.

Liu Yue stared at the person behind here. The person really was Xuan Yuan Che…….That person’s shadow was wavering a bit, he looked a bit hazy and illusionary but it looked exactly like Xuan Yuan Che.

Hot. It was getting very hot. Liu Yue felt as if her heart was being bitten by ants. She was itching to throw herself at the person in front of her.

It seems like after the miasma cleared out a bit, Xuan Yuan Che had found her.

Liu Yue kept thinking the same thing over and over to herself. This was Xuan Yuan Che. She couldn’t control herself. So what if she was bewildered.

“Che.” She softly called out. She went over to him and was ready to kiss him.

It was Xuan Yuan Che. What did she have to care about?

At that time, Du Gu Ye who was right behind made a supreme effort to hold himself back and kept his mind clear.

Suddenly, Liu Yue turned around and reached over to him.

Liu Yue smelled very good. It smelled very comfortable. The strong fragrance of a girl, it smelled very good to Du Gu Ye.

It was simply bewitching.

Du Gu Ye’s heart started to pound. He tightened his fists.

This was the person that he had been thinking about for the past three years.

He had kept this feeling for her, the alluring woman who can cause him to smile, deep down in his heart.

He lost his focus. The urge that he tried so hard to suppress had taken over him.

He wanted her.

He stepped forward as well. Du Gu Ye held Liu Yue by her waist. He bent over to receive the kiss.

As the lips got closer and closer, his hands wrapped around Liu Yue’s waist. The unique coldness of Du Gu Ye slowly moved onto Liu Yue’s waist.

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