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DOP Chapter 343 – Blue Sensations (11)

Chapter 343 – Blue Sensations (11)
Translated by: Andy
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After escaping from the epicenter of the miasma, the mist gradually became lighter and lighter until things could be seen again.

However, the fragrance was getting stronger and stronger. It smelled like a good wine. It was able to intoxicate people just with its smell.

The fragrance brought out one’s inner desires. It was able to make one confused.

The smell slowly entered one’s brain. Even though Liu Yue ate an antidote, she felt her brain numbing over.

She looked at Du Gu Ye and was filled with anger. Shit. Why did I grab him instead of Xuan Yuan Che.

She looked fiercely at the calm Du Gu Ye. Why was this person directly behind her? Where did Xuan Yuan Che go?

While looking at Du Gu Ye, she noticed that his face had suddenly become a shade of red. It was the color that appeared when one was affected by the miasma.

When Du Gu Ye’s cold expression was paired up with this color, it looked very beautiful and charming.

It looked as if a red lotus bloomed on a glacier. It was devastatingly beautiful.

This man didn’t look so bad. Liu Yue suddenly had this thought.

When the idea came into her head, Liu Yue immediately furrowed her brows. She shook her head. This was all nonsense. It was all due to the effects of the miasma.

She tried to stop thinking about it and moved forward.

The miasma was everywhere. Combined with the natural breeze of the rainforest, it created a soft sweet scent that was able to melt people’s hearts.

It was a scent that penetrated deeply into the heart. A scent that you breathe in unconsciously without even noticing that you breathed it in.

Your face will become redder and redder. Your body will get hotter and hotter. This happens very slowly so your body won’t recognize a sudden change.

Du Gu Ye looked very beautiful like this. Especially in this dark area filled with blue miasma. Du Gu Ye was a bright red spot in the middle of darkness.

However, Liu Yue still liked Xuan Yuan Che. Du Gu Ye being beautiful was another thing.

She suddenly heard footsteps behind her and turned around. In the corner of her eyes, she saw Xuan Yuan Che approaching.

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