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DOP Chapter 34 – Poison Attempt

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Chapter 34 – Poison Attempt
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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Her words were not wrong. Although she had qualifications that others would find it difficult to attain in the modern times, here in this world, beg your pardon, she had really never learnt anything.

However, she didn’t need to.

“Pfft.” A sound of laughter escaped. That girl wearing blue robe couldn’t conceal her condescending expression as a snort escape from her lips.

“It’s not a bad thing if a girl is not educated. In the future she can follow Che-er into battles and bring glory to the empire. A person who did not recognize words is in no way inferior.” Imperial Consort Chen pretended not to hear that girl’s snort as she smiled at Liu Yue.

She didn’t like that girl, Liu Yue immediately decided at that moment.

In all walks of life, in every trade, you can be outstanding as long as you put in effort. Whoever looked down upon a person who cannot read was a bitch.

“Yes.” Liu Yue quickly replied with a word.

“Alright, we shouldn’t talk about this anymore. Come, sit down here, child. Choose any two pearls. Young people should wear attractive jewelries to give a more cheerful atmosphere.” Empress Liu beckoned Liu Yue to come forward. At her side, an old lady-in-waiting prepared a seat and the set of jewelries for Liu Yue.

Liu Yue then sat nearby Imperial Consort Chen and took the only two jewelries left in the box.

dop33-1“Liu Yue, come, I’ll introduce you first. This girl wearing a yellow robe is called Liu Xin Qing and the one wearing a blue coloured robe is called Liu Xin Ai. You guys are around the same age, so you should get along well with each other. You can play together in the future.” Empress Liu smiled as she pointed to the beautiful girl on her side Liu Xin Qing and the other girl who kept giving her death glares Liu Xin Ai.

“Younger sister, in the future, it will be best if we can get along well.” Liu Xin Qing smiled brightly as she said to Liu Yue.

However, Liu Yue could only hear the signal of a cold war. Such dignified words had instead made her froze all over, what hostility.

False pretentiousness, who’s afraid of who? Liu Yue immediately put on a fake smile that looked even more pretentious than Liu Xin Qing as she nodded and agreed with her.

“Empress, the Xue Shen tea is ready.” At this moment, a lady-in-waiting entered and reported to the Empress.

“Bring it in.” Empress Liu waved her hands as she heard her, and smiled towards the people in the room. “This Xue Shen tea that the Xue Sheng Empire ambassador has brought for us is really delicious. Everyone should drink some to nourish your youthful skin.”

“Thank  you, your Majesty the Empress.” The whole hall resounded with a tone that seemed to be moved to tears.

Xue Shen tea was simply a ginseng tea, although it was good for the body, there should be a limit to it. However, Liu Yue still received the Xue Shen tea that was given to her.

dop33-2It was rose red in colour, and there was a thick smelling aroma when she received the tea. Not bad.

Aroma? Liu Yue suddenly focused on smelling with her nose and brought the Xue Shen tea close to her nose. As she smelled, a sharp gaze flashed on her eyes.

Marvelous, truly marvelous, the Royal Family Opera had finally started.

They had even dared to show off their poisoning skills to her, a poison expert.

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  1. Specter says:

    Ahh.. come on, barely the first visit and she’s already being poisoned, jeez, i wonder what she’ll do now.

  2. GOL D ROGER says:

    hmm still not getting used to the names … Why is everyone’s name beggining with Liu … ? does it mean something ?

    • shiroyukineko says:

      Liu Yue’s surname is Mu Rong. The empress full name is Liu Ye Qing, so her daughters will have names starting with Liu coz it’s their surnames. It’s confusing once you turn it into english. In chinese, the two Lius are different characters, one meant flowing and the other meant willow tree lol.

  3. RKain says:

    Really bugs me how the empress looks so …wide… in the manga, compared to the description in the novel. Seems like a really unnecessary change for the artist to have made.

    My thanks to you.

  4. ZaX says:

    That was fast. Expected to see them trying to poison her but not this soon.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  5. randomchinese says:

    i have seen so much chinese tv drama as a kid that’s these sort of attempts can be seen a mile away,especially royalty involve

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