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DOP Chapter 339 – Blue Sensations (7)

Chapter 339 – Blue Sensations (7)
Translated by: Andy
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It was very easy to make a fire. However, they were in the rainforest filled with trees, and dried leaves. If they made a fire and the wind suddenly blows, the fire will spread. Even if they grew wings, they probably won’t be able to escape the fire.

“We can’t use fire. How about water. We can use a big river.” Du Gu Ye suggested.

A small river won’t kill them. But a big river with its torrential waves might do the job. Even if it doesn’t kill the ants, it should be able to wash their scents away. Without scent, those things probably won’t be following them anymore/

“There isn’t a big river around. It’ll take us three days to get to one.”

Liu Yue was spitting hard cold facts without hesitating.

Du Gu Ye and Xuan Yuan Che both raised their brows. How did Liu Yue know that it would take them three days to get to a big river.

What they didn’t know was that Liu Yue was very familiar with the rainforest. She can smell the air and the scent from the earth. She can tell where they were going and what the terrain was like from the softness of the ground and the growth of the trees in an area. She can easily deduce where the rivers were from these things. This was something that couldn’t be learned in books. It came from experienced.

“There is a miasma in five kilometers. Watch out.” Liu Yue yelled out and then took a deep breath.

“Yes Ma’m.” Qiu Hen, Yan Hu and the others quickly answered. Even Murong Wu Di answered. In his mind, strength came first and seniority came second. Since Liu Yue was leading them, he would follow her orders.

Qing Lian heard this and was astonished. She sped up and moved next to Liu Yue. She looked at Liu Yue and asked, “How do you know?”

Liu Yue took a glance at Qing Lian and then disregarded her.

“Smell.” Behind her, Du Gu Ye explained.

Miasma…. Miasma is a smell in the air. It was easily recognizable.

“I know. But we’re five kilometers away…..” Qing Lian looked over at Du Gu Ye.

Five kilometers…… How can she smell something from five kilometers away. It was beyond her comprehension.

Du Gu Ye heard this and was curious as to how Liu Yue knew as well.

“Yue.” Xuan Yuan Che softly called out. He wanted to know how as well.

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  1. Leafyeyes417 says:

    I kind of want her to look at them and let them see a bit of the depths of her soul. Let them see the darkness within…

    Thanks for the chapters!

  2. ALHoward says:

    OMGGGG! Who cares how she knows, just listen and get outta there! Their arrogance is so annoying ?

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