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DOP Chapter 336 – Blue Sensations (4)

Chapter 336 – Blue Sensations (4)
Translated by: Andy
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5/6. Going to sleep. zzz. 6th chapter tonight + 1 reg chapter.

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There were many treasures in the forest. But to make the both of them to move out, there was nothing else besides those two items.

Xuan Yuan Che knew that he guessed correctly and stood up, “So that’s how it is. Then we should go our own ways. You can walk your own path and I’ll cross my own bridge.”

He didn’t want this Du Gu Ye with him at all. If they travel together, Du Gu Ye would be freeloading off them. Xuan Yuan Che wasn’t that stupid to let Du Gu Ye follow them.

If he can get Du Gu Ye to leave, Liu Yue could probably help them escape from these ants. He believes that his Liu Yue had the ability to lead them.

Hearing this, Murong Wu Di and the others all stood up. They had been waiting for this moment. They were already very angry that Du Gu Ye lured those damnable things towards them and now Du Gu Ye still had the nerves to follow them. Inconceivable!

This guy was very despicable.

Hearing this, Qing Shui and the three other commanders all stopped what they were doing and furrowed their brows.

“The paths of this world, I…..”

“En.” When Du Gu Ye opened his mouth, a light moan suddenly cut him off. The girl who had been sleeping in Du Gu Ye’s arms had finally awoken.

She lifted her head and looked around. Her movements were simple yet elegant. She was very beautiful. Even with the sorry state that she was in, she was still very beautiful.

“Princess Qing Lian!” Murong Wu Di called out with a shocked expression.

Princess Qing Lian. The fifth princess of the Ao Yun Empire. Rumors have it that she was an expert in Astronomy and Geography. She was the mystical girl of the era. Why would she be here with Du Gu Ye?

They had never noticed the girl that Du Gu Ye was holding and would have never thought that it would be her.

“You’re awake.” Du Gu Ye turned around and looked at Qing Lian.

She rubbed her head and sat up. With a pale face she nodded, “Yeah.. That monster was too…..Ah, Tianchen’s King of Yi!”

She was astonished when she looked at Xuan Yuan Che. She looked into his eyes and was shocked. However, after a while, she calmed down and stood up. She nodded towards Xuan Yuan Che and curtsied, “Qing Lian pays her respect to the King of Yi.”

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