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DOP Chapter 334 – Blue Sensations (2)

Chapter 334 – Blue Sensations (2)
Translated by: Andy
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Sponsored by: Callista Lembing


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The rive was the bane of the man-eating ant’s existent.

This was why Liu Yue chose to run in this direction.

While they were running, they didn’t have time to notice their surroundings. Only when they stopped to rest did they notice.

They all looked towards the river.

This Murong Liu Yue….. How did she know where the rivers were. How was she so familiar with the terrain here?

The group of people noticed that their crowned prince was aware of this already. Since their prince were following Liu Yue, they all shut their mouths and followed as well.

“The river is too small. It won’t stop them at all.” Liu Yue spoke out. Suddenly she stood up and walked to a nearby tree. With her dagger, she cut down some bamboo-like plant and threw it to Xuan Yuan Che and the others.

After running for a day and night, they haven’t eaten anything. If it goes on like this, before they get eaten by those ants, they would die of fatigue anyways.

Seeing that Liu Yue had tossed them something, Xuan Yuan Che, Murong Wu Di, Qiu Hen, and Yan Hu all howled and dug into the plant without even checking for poison. They were very hungry.

Looking at how the four guys howled at Liu Yue, the four commanders of Ao Yun were speechless. However, they didn’t even have the energy to howl or catch these plants. They didn’t trust it and just laid there on the floor.

They were all thinking about how they ended up in such a sorry state.

“Kacha, Kacha.” Qiu Hen and the others were ferociously eating this plant, breaking it and snapping it apart.

Liu Cheng and the others were lying on the floor. They all swallowed their salivas. They haven’t eaten anything in a few days and they didn’t dare eat anything in this forest.

After a while, Xuan Yuan Che looked at them with disdain. Xuan Yuan Che didn’t look like he was poisoned at all.

Seeing how Xuan Yuan Che was fine, the four commanders of Ao yun crawled towards the plants and picked it up.

They sat themselves up and started to eat ferociously.

“Crowned Prince.” Qing Shui handed Du Gu Ye a few plants and started to eat as well.

“It’s sweet.”

“It’s not bad. Not bad at all.”

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