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DOP Chapter 331 – Meeting an Old Rival (11)

Chapter 331 – Meeting an Old Rival (11)
Translated by: Andy
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“They eat people.” After saying these words, she quickly rushed forwards.

Behind her, Murong Wu Di and the others followed without saying a word.

To run away before Du Gu Ye got to them. They were being disrespectful. However, since Liu Yue was scared, they didn’t care about it anymore.

“They eat people?” Xuan Yuan Che knitted his brows together and ran while looking back.

The streak of blackness turned into a sheet of blackness. They couldn’t see the sky behind them anymore. It was all black. It looked as if it was a giant mountain flying about.

This large group of things can eat people?

They don’t know what it is but with so much of it, Xuan Yuan Che and the others started to get scared.

Du Gu Ye who was moving towards Xuan Yuan Che suddenly saw Xuan Yuan Che run away. He couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

He also saw how the woman beside Xuan Yuan Che had suddenly changed her expression and cursed. He saw this with his own eyes and heard this with his own ears.

That look…. Looking at Liu Yue’s face Du Gu Ye understood everything. She was that Murong Liu Yue who killed Hou Jin’s emperor and blamed it on Yun Zhao. She can trick other people but she can’t trick him.

The hatred between the two countries… it was all fueled by Liu Yue’s actions. It really was her. It was the girl that he’s been thinking about.

Xuan Yuan Che, Murong Liu Yue… To meet here after three years.

Du Gu Ye suddenly sped up and continued to fly towards Xuan Yuan Che like a bullet.

“Get on. I’ll carry you.” Xuan Yuan Che grabbed Liu Yue’s hands and wanted her to get on. This was because he was faster than her.

“No need. Don’t waste your energy. You can’t get rid of those things easily.” Liu Yue gritted her teeth and watched as Du Gu Ye catch up.

That bastard!

“We’ve been chased by it for 10 days.” Du Gu Ye spoke after catching up with Liu Yue and her group.

“What are those things?” Murong Wu Di’s face twitched after hearing this.

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