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DOP Chapter 330 – Meeting an Old Rival (10)

Chapter 330 – Meeting an Old Rival (10)
Translated by: Andy
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“What is it that’s chasing them?” Yan Hu squinted his eyes to get a closer look at what’s behind Du Gu Ye.

These people that were running with Du Gu Ye were experts among experts. To have such a look on their face and running so fiercely. What could be behind them?

After looking at Du Gu Ye, Liu Yue looked at the area behind them. Du Gu Yue was a graceful and elegant person. Even in dangerous situations, he would be calm. However, he was looking very wild right now.

She kept her gaze at the area behind Du Gu Ye.

It was all green. All she saw was the blue sky and the green forest. However, between the sky and the forest, a black streak appeared.

It was very very very far away. It wasn’t very clear.

Black? Liu Yue raised her brows and dragged Xuan Yuan Che over to her. She jumped and stood on top of Xuan Yuan Che’s shoulders and looked.

“What is it?” Xuan Yuan Che held Liu Yue’s legs to give her balance.

To make Du Gu Ye run so wildly, this thing is not simple at all.

It was black. It was a streak of black coming closer and closer. However, its speed wasn’t that fast.

However this streak extended across the horizon. It divided the blue sky from the green forest.

This black thing moved closer very slowly.

This black was darker than black. It took the color out of everything that it passed.

Everything died as it moved over it.

Liu Yue furrowed her brows and pondered. This kind of blackness.

Suddenly, she began to shiver. It’s those things. It’s those things. Shit. Du Gu Ye actually lured those motherfucking things here. Fuck.

Liu Yue’s face ashen and yelled out, “Fucking bastard.” as she jumped down from Xuan Yuan Che.

“Run!” She grabbed onto Xuan Yuan Che’s hand and jumped.

For the calm Liu Yue to become so scared. Xuan Yuan Che had a bad premonition.

He turned around and follow, “What is it?”

To make Liu Yue so scared. It must be something very dangerous.

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