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DOP Chapter 329 – Meeting an Old Rival (9)

Chapter 329 – Meeting an Old Rival (9)
Translated by: Andy
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The six people were getting closer and closer. They moved as swiftly as the wind. In just a while, Liu Yue and the group could start to see who these people were.

The leader’s white robes fluttered as he flew over.

“Du Gu Ye?” Xuan Yuan Che looked carefully and was flabbergasted.

“How can it be them?” Murong Wu Di was shocked as well.

Liu Yue crossed her arms and a cold expression appeared on her face. What was the prince of Ao Yun doing here in the secret forest?

In Hou Jin, he said that the martial arts competition was not his true destination…..Could it be that this was his true destination?

What could be so precious that forced him to cross the entire continent to get here from the northern side? One should know that the forest was located in the southern most location of the continent.

Liu Yue and the others looked at each other.

“Let’s go. Don’t let them see us.” Murong Wu Di broke the silence and called out.

It was clear that Du Gu Ye was running from something. It wasn’t worth it to attract this thing to them. Du Gu Ye can handle this himself and go do their own thing. Liu Yue and the others didn’t want anything to do with them.

If Ao Yun’s crowned prince died here, it would be the best.

“Too late.” Liu Yue said as she looked over.

“They saw us already.” Xuan Yuan Che said as he watched Du Gu Ye suddenly change directions and fly towards them.

There was nothing that they can do anymore. They were standing on a cliff and was discovered by Du Gu Ye.

Du Gu Ye and his group was approaching very quickly.

As they got closer, they could see that Du Gu Ye was carrying a girl. He had a cold and ugly expression on his face.

Behind him were four guards who also had an unsightly expression on their faces.

“Qing Shui, Wu Ya, Liu Cheng, Li Mu.” Qiu Hen noticed the other four people that followed Du Gu Ye.

They were all experts in the Ao Yun Empire. These four people were commanders who each led 100,000 soldiers. Why would they be here?

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