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DOP Chapter 328 – Meeting an Old Rival (8)

Chapter 328 – Meeting an Old Rival (8)
Translated by: Andy
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Liu Yue stood there and watched them as they got up. She gave the three of them a look of approval. It seems like these guys were worthy to be taught by her.


“What’s that?” Before she could say anything, Xuan Yuan Che suddenly looked up into the distant land.

Hearing this, Liu Yue turned around and looked over as well.

Far away, on a grassy plain, there were a few small dots moving.

It was too far for them to make out what was moving.

“It looks like people.” Murong Wu Di said.

The small dots were moving closer and closer. At first, they could barely see the dots moving but as time passed, it got bigger and bigger. They were moving very quickly.

“It’s people.” Liu Yue looked clearly and concluded. She turned and looked at Xuan Yuan Che.

For there to be other people in such a dangerous place… they didn’t expect this at all.

Xuan Yuan Che furrowed his brows and continued to look. They were in the deeper parts of the forest. To be able to get here…. It seems like this group of people was very strong.

“They’re moving very quickly.” Yan Hu turned around and looked as well.

The closer they got, the bigger and clearer they became.

“One, Two, Three….. Six people.” Yan Hu counted.

“How can they be so fast?” Murong Wu Di grabbed his sword. This group of people was very strong. Liu Yue and the others had to be careful.

Looking closely, Liu Yue suddenly raised her brow.

“No. They’re running away from something.”

“They’re running fast because something is chasing them.”

Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che both called out at the same time and looked at each other.

“There’s nothing there….” Yan Hu stretched his neck and tried to look carefully.

There was nothing behind the 6 people. There weren’t any fierce tigers, lions, or hyenas. There were no poisonous spiders on the trees either. What could be chasing them?

Liu Yue’s party of five all started to look carefully.

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