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DOP Chapter 327 – Meeting an Old Rival (7)

Chapter 327 – Meeting an Old Rival (7)
Translated by: Andy
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Made a mistake in the last chapter lol. Instead of tree branch it should be the root of a tree.

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The root was big and round. It looked like Ginseng. However it wasn’t as fat as a regular ginseng.

Murong Wu Di caught the roots and examined it. He didn’t know what it was but it looked nice and edible. From all the experience that he had garnered in the outside world, he can tell that this was not poisonous. It didn’t look that bad.

He wiped the dirt off of it, “Let me try this.” and put it near his mouth.

“Eat it if you want to die.” Before he bit down on it, Liu Yue suddenly called out, making Murong Wu Di stop immediately.

Yan Hu heard this as well and turned to Murong Wu Di. He then signaled him to give the roots over.

Murong Wu Di coughed and threw the roots over to Yan Hu.

Yan Hu took out a small bottle from his robe. He put some white powder and wine on the roots to test for poison.

In just a few seconds, the white powder immediately turned pitch black.

Seeing this, Murong Wu Di, Yan Hu, and Qiu Hen were all astonished.

“Wow.” Xuan Yuan Che turned around and was shocked as well. He grabbed Liu Yue’s hands and tightly grasped it.

“You need to know these things if you want to survive.” Liu Yue called out and looked at the three others.

Liu Yue had to go through many trials and tribulations in order to have all this knowledge.

She kept this knowledge to herself. However, if it was really dangerous, she would save her comrades.

Murong Wu Di, Qiu Hen and Yan Hu all looked at her with respect.

She had seen this kind of expression before and didn’t feeling anything from it.

“I’ll go find something for you guys to eat.” Liu Yue said and then got up.

“Same.” Xuan Yuan Che also got up. He couldn’t let Liu Yue venture out alone in such a dangerous place. Even though Liu Yue was very strong, he was still worried.

“I’ll come too.” Both Qiu Hen and Yan Hu followed.

“I’ll join as well.” Murong Wu Di got up too.

The three of them answered at the same time with an expression that showed that they were eager to learn from her.

This was an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge. The three of them will not let this opportunity go.

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  1. Anna Tong says:

    i’m impressed that all things in the forest is the same in her old world.. didn’t she come from another world??
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

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