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DOP Chapter 326 – Meeting an Old Rival (6)

Chapter 326 – Meeting an Old Rival (6)
Translated by: Andy
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Yan Hu, Qiu Hen and Murong Wu Di all moved over and sat with them.

Since Liu Yue sat down, it meant that there wasn’t any danger around.

Seeing how the three of them moved at the same time, Liu Yue found it amusing.

Xuan Yuan Che moved behind Liu Yue and tied her hair up, “My subordinate’s life is in your hands now.”

Xuan Yuan Che pretended to be angry but was smiling.

Liu Yue comfortably lied on Xuan Yuan Che’s chest and returned a smile.

“I’m very happy.” While holding onto Liu Yue, Xuan Yuan Che whispered into her ears.

He saw how Liu Yue rescued Qiu Hen.

Liu Yue had changed. She’s beginning to value the people around her more. Xuan Yuan Che was really happy about this.

Being cradled by Xuan Yuan Che, Liu Yue looked like a small cat.

On the side, Murong Wu Di looked at Liu Yue and sighed. How could this grandfather not even match up to his own granddaughter.

However, how did his granddaughter become so strong? Could she have inherited the better genes of her other family?

He shook his head. Whatever. As long as she’s a part of his Murong family. If she’s strong, then the Murong clan will be strong too. The stronger she is, the stronger the Murong clan will be.

“Our food supply is ruined.” Right when Murong Wu Di was pondering about Liu Yue, Yan Hu checked their provisions.

Everything is soaked. They also lost half of it in the water as well.

“It doesn’t matter. We won’t starve in the forest.” Murong Wu Di replied.

Qiu Hen who was treating himself didn’t say anything. All he did was look up at Liu Yue.

Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Che wanted to laugh but was a little angry. After following him for so many years, when did his trusty and confident subordinates turn into such cowards.

Right when he was about to scold his subordinates, Liu Yue suddenly dug up the roots of a tree and threw it over to Murong Wu Di.

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