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DOP Chapter 325 – Meeting an Old Rival (5)

Chapter 325 – Meeting an Old Rival (5)
Translated by: Andy
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“Let’s go. They can get onto the shore.” Liu Yue stood by the grass and looked down at the scene. She turned around and began to run away.

Alligators are amphibians. While in water or on dry land, their attacking strength won’t change at all. One cannot be lazy and fall behind when dealing with beasts in the rainforest. The best way to survive is to keep on moving.

Without Liu Yue saying anything more, Xuan Yuan Che and the others watched as the gators walked onto the shore. They immediately began to follow Liu Yue.

The cliff was pretty high up. From there they can see their surroundings easily.

Liu Yue looked around and scouted the area. This place was safe. There was minimal to no danger.

After confirming, she turned around and looked at Xuan Yuan Che. She carefully examined him, trying to see if the bumblebees had stung him.

“I’m fine.” Xuan Yuan Che smiled as he reached out and brushed Liu Yue’s hair.

The bumblebees were fast but Xuan Yuan Che was faster. Once he noticed that there was a river, he dove into it, allowing him to avoid the bees.

After making sure that he was uninjured, Liu Yue nodded, “You should rest for a bit.” She then turned around and stood there facing the wind.

While standing there, she was able to detect if any danger comes and notify the party easily.

Xuan Yuan Che suddenly grabbed Liu Yue’s hands and smiled, “Come on, let’s sit.”

Hearing how Xuan Yuan Che was laughing, she couldn’t help but turn around. What was so funny?

When she looked back, she realized that the three others were standing behind her as well.

Murong Wu Di and Qiu Hen was expressionless but Yan Hu looked very pitiful. He was extremely tired and had to sit down.

The three of them were stung many times by the bumblebees and their faces had become swollen. These stings weren’t fatal at all, just a bit ugly. The three of them stared at her. Looking at them, she couldn’t help but pity them.

Liu Yue finally understood what Xuan Yuan Che meant. She smiled and sat next to Xuan Yuan Che, “Alright then.”

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