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DOP Chapter 324 – Meeting an Old Rival (4)

Chapter 324 – Meeting an Old Rival (4)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:

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After getting onto the small cliff, Xuan Yuan Che didn’t stop moving at all. His sword streaked across a tree and cut it into many pieces.

He continuously cut down trees and made many logs. He then threw the logs into the river.

“Quick. Step onto them.” He yelled out in a commanding tone.

Once the logs dropped into the water, Qiu Hen, Murong Wu Di and Yan Hu all stepped onto them.

Xuan Yuan Che continuously threw logs at them to use as stepping stones until all three of them reached the cliff.

Every time a log fell into the river, the three people were getting higher and higher.

The gators under them can only look up and gaze at them. They could not touch them at all.

Xuan Yuan Che knew the abilities of his subordinates and quickly devised the plan for them to escape. He knew how high to throw the logs so Qiu Hen and the others can step onto them.

After a while, the three of them had finally reached the cliff.

“Oh my god!” Right when the three of them got onto the cliff, Qiu Hen turned around and looked at the river with a shocked expression.

The hoard of gators had finally arrived and the entire river turned black from the swarm of these gators.

If they were even a step too late, they would have probably become gator food already.

The next scene was something that surprised them the most. The gators that arrived looked around and started to chase the injured gators.

They opened their mouths and revealed their sharp teeth as they fiercely hit each other.

Blood splattered everywhere. The entire river was filled with blood in just a while.

The scent of blood covered the entire area.

From faraway, more and more gators started to move due to the stench of blood.

Murond Wu Di’s face twitched as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. After living so many years, he had never seen something so ruthless.

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    thanks for the chapter~
    then Liu Yue then said “Let’s come here again next year for a picnic.”

    Eternal silence reigned.

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